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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:01

The driver of tourism Sendikalaşıy

The driver of tourism Sendikalaşıy
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Antalya Tourism Driver Association, under the umbrella of the union, HAK-stepped.

Antalya news: Antalya Tourism Driver Association, under the umbrella of the union, HAK-stepped.
Antalya Tourism Driver Association held at the press conference announcement, HAK-Deputy Chairman Mustafa Toruntay employees to solve the problems in their power to do whatever they would say, the Antalya Tourism Driver Association President Orhan Kayabaşı the employers want the rights they could not get unionization into stated that they entered.
long time unionization that they are in and now it's the fruit they want to take, indicating Tourism Driver Association President Orhan Kayabaşı, employers get the rights for failing HAK-site unionize what they want, he said. Kayabaşı,"HAK-and long lasting work of our fruit, I hope we will. Society as a sufficiently not have the strength. We our friends economic problems to unionize want. Tourism in an oppressed kadroyuz. Own quit smoking a kadroyuz. We state that we want a kind of got but from the employer we want did not receive the unionization period entered. During this process, I hope HAK-and want to work together. I personally as the wish to be good,"he said.
PROBLEM SOLVING our best will do
Antalya Tourism Driving the As a result of the negotiations with the Association who said they were in Antalya Deputy Chairman Mustafa Toruntay HAK-IS, however, to solve the problems of the employees said they would do whatever it takes. Toruntay,"Antalya Tourism Driver Association in with our friends in Antalya HAK-IS with representatives of the necessary interviews were conducted. As a result, today We are here. During the next period running mate problems of our problems, whatever their midst they discuss and we will evaluate. Us we need to give contribute whatever you are willing to do . all oppressed, the victims, additives that needs everyone to be next task supply would. working life to the problems of our employees all working solution of problems for our best anyway any contribution given that we want to express. Labour along with and labor of people living with problems insensitive can not stay. Today We're here. subsequent roadmap we will determine. we need to do what they are all together will do, I hope,"he said.
employee termination benefits for the Retirement Compensation Fund should be established that expresses HAK-Deputy Chairman Mustafa Toruntay, said:
"In recent days, the severance pay subcontracting as a team has problems. We tripartite advisory boards made in the negotiations as a result of severance pay and lower employer subcontracting or borrow hired workers issues yet clear not achieved. Agenda still keeps busy, but now not everyone is sure. Absolutely confederation with severance benefits vested rights without loss, so far anyway right one step backward to go out of the question. If the new regulation is to be made to regulations is welcome. Which conditions are open? Earned our rights to go back to. further with the new regulations. Our HAK-confederation of 38 years ago has received a suggestion. He currently all employees severance pay, to take the 'Severance Pay Fund must be established.' Today the same thing advocate. Retirement Compensation Fund established whether all employees severance benefits, must take. because we look employees many of our friends severance benefits do not receive. Turkey's 13 million insured employees when there are currently about one million employees, severance pay can receive. remaining unable to retrieve. This is an injustice, it is not true. Just unionized employees severance pay gets the rest can not take something like this can not be. Severance Pay Fund is established. States, with the promise of trade unions and employees in control of this business is dissolved, we hope. Our confederation our vision is."

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