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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:57

The events in Willow Festival

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Justice and Development Party ( AK Party ) Bilecik President Ramazan Freed, Willow Festival is celebrated some time ago which led to the events that occurred during the casuistry of what to do , he said.

Bilecik news:
AK Party provincial chairman in the building of the 5th ordinary congress process-related meeting, Willow Festival judgments about the present in Freed, this year's festival events in and in 2007 the festival then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's nephew certain people be assaulted by the stated that they were very sad incident . Freed, \"After all that day until this time the President and the Prime Minister in the eyes of any contribution to the festival was not . They really general sense if we consider our province that opt how much economic loss has been . This assessment is very good I need to make . You will appreciate Bilecik the one from the Minister , the Prime Minister , the President of the we of the political parties at the beginning of the provincial president of the Provincial Assembly president , district president of our friends , the mayor of our friends all demands would be . they visit it pursuant to us, do not break , certain investments at the point of promise and this investment goes live . So then, until such time that day, the events that this city lose what they account very well do need . this stress that I am . they own conscience, accounting in this way faire . we in this sense, lost our very upset , \"he said .
\" nEIGHBORHOOD KABADAYI lead overthrew \"
Last Willow Festival for the first time in Anatolia visit , Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu participated reminiscent Freed, chair toppled to the persons'Neighborhood Bully by saying'harshly and said:
\"Neighborhood there are bullies who hope to benefit from the turmoil in this way come from chaos overthrew the podium . They did their suits . Except with his other friends came and chanted political opinion . Various physical movements were driven by our friends . Water bottles were thrown . You know, we've warned through a megaphone , and their colleagues'is mütevazili suits us , is humility . The AK Party is befitting you do this , do not do door to drive , \"he warned . Our friends also did not get it right the doors to the drive . Any fighting, chaos did not . Now Willow event once a suitable way to assess their soul from all the political parties of our friends or our brothers nomad festival here from different parts of Turkey in the air would desire it to be celebrated . But each time the festival who want to own an instrument of political thought , there satisfy their ego by removing chaos are coming out to prove themselves . I especially willow people , we all want to speak to the people of Bilecik . As I said, no matter from which political power , no matter what political line , but from the point of making this premium turmoil . Come to lead those who want to remove this confusion , it's chaos exclude those who want to remove , insert here the name of the festivities in a manner befitting the willow get . Bilecik and Willow , mainly from the festival with the participation of state authority are doing their utmost contribution to our province . You know, we have a greater need in our province . Roads , whether you get different services , it needs all our giderel , I live in this city in a way I'm as happy . As a result, our friends over everyone living in this province , in this sense of the responsibility falls without any discrimination, I believe gay . In this way, the points would we have this event . \"

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