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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:41

The Everything Disabilities

The Everything Disabilities
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Flag Council draws attention to the projects implemented by disabled citizens.

İzmir news: Municipalities , hospitals, transport services from the home dressing process ; hairdressing services from house cleaning to people with disabilities ; their homes to book service with many service until the vocational training of people with disabilities makes life easier . Photo Flagged disabled Municipality project facilitated the lives of people with disabilities. Handicapped, disabled vehicle within the Municipality is moving its two hospitals , municipalities dressing at home by doctors if necessary , is carried out operations such as injection. Disabled by periodically cleaning of the home team , home made ​​service to read the book . Established exactly who his friends are interested in the possibility of people with disabilities through the center flag Municipality continues to complimentary tea and coffee service in the cage with disabilities . Disabilities can also benefit from home hairdressing services , including male and female . Photo VARIOUS COURSES GIVEN ongoing project development for Photo Disabled Flag Municipality, giving a variety of vocational training courses for people with disabilities. Disabled citizens throughout the year showcasing handcrafted labor , studying them in this course also contributes to the household budget allocated flag in the stands selling Municipality free of charge to them . Disabled people, their culture trip Izmir and the opportunity to visit the different tourist areas of the Aegean region also finds .
\" POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION we apply \"Photo flagged Hasan Mayor Karabakh , said that the high number of people with disabilities in the district \"we highlight three of our number Disabled vehicle two . we have health care for our disabled brothers . their biggest problems are not going to the hospital. we have equipped vehicles for this. we leave it to the hospital to take them out of their home . when the hospital job was done , we leave the house again . we're disabled affirmative action. Physical strength we give free of charge to those who stand in the market . Similarly, women in our world put their hand labor , they contribute to the household budget. we always say something ; for in our conscience and the moral barriers that people with disabilities , \"he said .


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