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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:37

The excitement of the first record in Adana BTÜ'de

The excitement of the first record in Adana BTÜ'de
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Adana University of Science and Technology (cim), the excitement of the first registration period has begun.

Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management Information Systems into three parts, including a total of 63 university students Yeşiloba Campus registration is done. 15 will take place at a later registration of foreign students.

was pleased at having achieved its first students in Adana cim, read the eyes of university life and say hello to the excitement of the students. Will become the first graduates of the newly established university that they were excited and happy for the students and the quality of education is to give Adana BTÜ'nün teaching English stressed that the important factor in understanding the preferences. Said a smiling face and a very good way karşılandıklarını college students expressed their satisfaction.

cim Rector. Dr. Adem Ersoy, the university has made himself the first records of the students. Ersoy, he lived a very special day as indicating that the President continued,"we are happy to have lived with longing and excitement, we expect our students. Students think they are very lucky. We only education but will not give them, they will make the family feel environment. All, a certain amount based on the rankings scholarships giving. graduating students and then will follow. graduates of this university as we always say, the internal and external market-competitive, individual sectors will take place at key points. Next year we are planning to open more episodes. thousand in the number of students with Master's and PhD students We aim to. We'll University Research and Development. therefore be the second summer school practices."

Yeşiloba Yerleşkesi'inde University records will continue until Friday, September 6.

The excitement of the first record in Adana BTÜ'de" comments for.


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