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  • 16 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:00

The first 100 Sleeve Sea Creatures views

The first 100 Sleeve Sea Creatures views
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Engaged in fishing in Singapore's Sentosa Island Ong Han Boon, fished in the sea, a sea creature with at least 100 lever pulled .

Singapur news:
the first time in his life seen such a creature , voicing Boon, \"I was astonished when I disconnect the water of this sea creatures ,\"he said . When you look at the strange-looking sea creatures octopus arm saw a lot of moving Boon stating , \"Before I saw many sea creatures weird looks , but I've never seen anything like it ,\"he said . Looks like the starfish and octopus reminiscent of interesting marine life to his friends asking Boon, nobody this creature identify said .
Boonen has found sea creatures investigating the Oregon University Marine Science Center experts is an interesting marine life of the Pacific Ocean, located in the \"basket Star \"is similar to the so-called live , he said. Cart Stars of the octopus arm is similar to many experts voicing these creatures usually live 50 to 150 meters in depth , he said. Basket of Stars recording experts can live in deeper waters off the coast of Indonesia at a depth of 550 meters encountered these creatures , he said .

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