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  • 09 Ağustos 2013, Cuma 14:13

The first 'pink' planet discovered

The first 'pink' planet discovered
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Astronomers find browsing the search for new discoveries made so far signed one of the most interesting. 57 light-years from Earth, 'pink' planet discovered.

the United States in the state of Hawaii, Japan Space Agency (JAXA)'s Subaru telescope, signed one of the most interesting discoveries of extraterrestrial planet. Telescope, orbiting a star similar to the Sun, the planet was able to display a moving and mysterious pink.

Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, located at the top of the telescope, magenta (reddish purple) color directly owned by the gas giant was displayed. Astronomers, dense clouds in the planet's atmosphere, whether it's on the surface so that said more to learn about the stores.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, in charge astrophysicist Michael McElwain, 'If you had a chance to shape to travel to this planet, with a heat is shining, dark color, like a cherry blossom görecektik'dedi world.

research in the Princeton University astrophysicist Markus Janson, magenta gezegenin'kızılötesi 5-6 extra-terrestrial planet appears directly out of research olduğunu'belirtti one.

Yıldızından away from the hot planet

Science dünyasına'pembe color gezegen'olarak announced the discovery of gas giant, with a surface temperature of approximately 237 degrees.

distance from the planet's star, and 43 AU (astronomical units) . 30 AU is the distance from our Sun gas giant Neptune. Pink on the planet, with one of the methods of direct detection of extraterrestrial planets discovered to be one of the lowest-mass Dropping a note.

According to National Geographic, pink, planet, ice, dust, and other space-wreck collision gases is thought to occur. But secrets about the formation of the planet at the moment is far from certain.

McElwain, 'pink planet's rotation around the star has completed more than 100 years were estimated in a long time, but this time more olabileceğini'söyledi.

Discovery is developing methods Located in the research

Adam Burrows of Princeton University, developed new techniques that name to identify terrestrial planets.

imaging'adı ​​Burrows'high-contrast method, the extra-terrestrial planets, and they can be directly addressed in the coming years service will be telescopes, planetary yakalabileceğini off parkalıkları said.

existing methods in determining the success of planets close to the stars of the show. However, direct imaging methods, detailed and lengthy analysis of the stars without planets discovered far.

The first 'pink' planet discovered" comments for.


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