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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:18

The first excavations were evidence Derbe Mound

The first excavations were evidence Derbe Mound
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Attached to the center in the village of Karaman Ekinözü archaeological excavations initiated Derbe takes the mound.

result of the excavations so far this place is the ancient city of Derbe is not important for Christianity, will be the outcome of the studies. This place, if it is proved that Derbe region that is important for the Christians of Antioch, or at least as much attention as one can see in Ephesus said.

Karaman Governor Murat Koca, the center of the village on the Ekinözü archaeological excavations and drilling activities initiated at the mound of Derbe examined. Hubby's Governor during his investigations in the field of Culture and Tourism Director of the excavation Genghis Medium, Karaman and Konya Selcuk University, Department of Archaeology, Museum Director Abdülbari Stars Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mehmet tekocan were present.

Cards provide information about the work of the Governor Koca Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mehmet tekocan, talks about the opening day screening of geo-radar detected during excavations around the square-shaped structure emerged, adding that"geo-radar work is extremely important to us. So we will conduct similar studies to other areas of the mound, and so you'll save both time and labor. Most important at random in different parts of the mound will not show pits, açacaklarımız take place as a result of the precise data obtained from these studies. since the morning of 11 July 2013 excavations were conducted an average of 10 workers and 8 archaeologist. During this time, measuring 4.00x4.00 meters from the drill hole 19 opened and architectural remains of these drillings as well as a large number of tombs and a small number of terracotta utensil, glass and metal objects came to light. The resulting structure remains heavily exposed to damage due to the types of functions and plan for the moment is very difficult to determine with certainty used as storage and living space, not on places where probably said that. fact, at different periods of the architectural elements, repairs, make changes and additions continue to be used over and over again we see that through. So much so that sometimes the dismantling of a wall built of stones and sometimes a small area inside the print of a space up space on the wall or placed on graves. walls have a pretty poor workmanship, and sometimes even destroyed sections of brick wall to use if you think that living in a community that is very rich."she said.

Images terracotta, glass and metal, which gives information about the work of the laboratory findings were recorded tekocan, ceramics uncovered, more than 2 1 thousand thousand of the Iron Age, Hellenistic and Roman civilizations that, due to continued settlement mound could be a very long process, a small number of uncovered examples of pottery in the Neolithic Age, the mound so that they think might go. As a result of excavation work carried out to date with this place the utmost importance for Christianity the ancient city of Derbe not have hard data yet on whether it is about it, said that they will continue to work with great care and patience tekocan, Derbe this place if it is proved that, at least in the region or one that is important to the Christians of Ephesus Antioch can see much interest, he added.

tekocan, and finally got up to date, especially for the attention and support to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to thank all the public institutions and organizations, it is wishes to continue to support. Hubby's investigations in the area of ​​the excavation, as well as the Governor Murat Selcuk University, Department of Archaeology, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mehmet tekocan, Selçuk University Rector. Dr. Rights Gökbel, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Cengiz Central and officials.

Excavation Director, Selcuk University, Department of Archaeology, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mehmet tekocan, Derbe is very important for the history of early Christianity, he said. As a result of the preliminary studies, about 70 centimeters below the soil reached the U-shaped structure has great importance in early Christianity in Anatolia and experienced a period of St. Paul, Christianity was born, developed, and is one of the most important centers that take up quite a large area tekocan, Christianity is not a settlement mound for the period Derbe M. Ö 2 from the housing saw a thousand, but it probably did not see the Byzantine Age, then a further settlement, he said.

Director of Excavations After the information about the Governor Murat Big Mound Tekocak'ın Derbe, his delegation looked at the excavation work carried out in the field and the authorities received information about the work.

The first excavations were evidence Derbe Mound" comments for.


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