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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 14 Temmuz 2013, Pazar 14:32

The first level of 17 per thousand students in Sakarya SBS

The first level of 17 per thousand students in Sakarya SBS
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Placement Exam held on 8 June 2013 in Turkey (SBS), Sakarya, the first 17 students earned degrees per thousand.

Sakarya National Education Directorate, in a statement, SBS 2013 Secondary Placement Score (OYP), according to Sakarya, Turkey first 500 ranking of 10, the first 17 per thousand, the first five thousand 68 thousand 131 students in the first 10 said that having a degree. The statement, 'last year, according to the first 500 students in the fifth, the first 12 students per thousand, 47 thousand students in the top 5, top 10, and 124 thousand students there."The statement said. SBS

giving the correct answer to all questions with a full score of 700 Sakarya University (SAU) Foundation Private Secondary School student Yağmuray Sarı owned in Turkey as a major success with 110 students referred to the statement, 'the success of the students that are the pride of our city Yağmuray Yellow , SBS Turkey 31 'have been.' information was given.

Each candidate can choose a maximum of 10 applications, the results will be announced on 6 August 2013. Candidates earn 12 to 16 August 2013 inclusive schools will take place in the records.

Sakarya winning the first 17 students per thousand names and schools are as follows:Turkey 31 percent Yağmuray Yellow (SAU Foundation Secondary School), Turkey 126 percent King Mohamed (Special Erenler Sun Secondary School), Turkey 174 'duration Libby Hope (Special Nature Middle School), Turkey 231 percent Tuğberk Ali Gurbuz (Special Hawk Middle School), Turkey 232 percent Amuq Emre (SAU Foundation Secondary School), Turkey 296 per cent Caner Omar (Special Teksen Secondary School), Turkey 323 'duration Husna Hilal Aydin (Geyve Kazimpasa Secondary School), Turkey 335 percent Emirhan Esen (Special Erenler Sun Ortaotulu), Turkey 418 percent Uncuoglu Idil Nur ( Special Hawk Middle School), Turkey 440 per cent Nur Ebru steep (SAU Foundation Secondary School), Turkey 536 per cent An elderly Yaren (SAU Foundation Secondary School), Turkey 621 percent Sumerian Yağız (SAU Foundation Ortaotulu), Turkey 672 . 'have Civitoğlu Bengi (Adapazarı Hawk Middle School), Turkey 687 percent Demircan Sevcan (Adapazarı Hawk Middle School), Turkey 711 percent the player Ebru Nur (Sakarya Private Fatih Secondary School), Turkey 772 percent Yılmaz Alp Eren ( Akyazı Paris Middle School), Turkey 831 percent Şüheda Colak (Adapazari Fatih Secondary School.)

The first level of 17 per thousand students in Sakarya SBS" comments for.


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