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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:55

The Future of Eye of the old Izmir Tourism Others 1 Billion Dollars

The Future of Eye of the old Izmir Tourism Others 1 Billion Dollars
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Covet the health tourism Izmir, was attacked to get the lion's share of the $ 100 billion market.

İzmir news: For the first time the subject experts from 23 countries with an international forum to be held in Izmir , to reveal the roadmap of the future for the elderly and the disabled. Culture and the forum in the Ministry of Tourism cooperation landlord Di-Ar Tourism President Wishlist Tools Board , \"Our goal is $ 1 billion gain a year from Izmir health tourism ,\"he said .
\"Handicapped accessible, everyone Tourism for Sustainable and 3.Yaş Group\"contact with between November 28 to December 1 will be held in Cesme Radisson Blu Resert International 1. EURO Mena ( Europe-Middle East-North Africa Union) Forum, which will change the fate of Izmir health tourism. Culture and Tourism Ministry, the Governorship of Izmir , Izmir Culture and Tourism Directorate and Di-Ar Tourism will be held in cooperation forum and exhibition , public from 23 countries , the private sector and participating in civil society representatives will determine the steps disabilities, and to be taken in elderly care. Photo DI-R Tourism Chairman Wish Instruments Board of Directors in the world currently 1 billion people with disabilities , 600 thousand 0-5 year old children and 650 thousand well over 60 years old man found it also stated that 2.3 billion people can serve for maintenance, \"in 2013, health tourism in the world, cake , 60 billion dollars to 100 billion dollars. Izmir as our goal is to generate revenue to $ 1 billion a year for health tourism , \"he said . when the Photo world population is young yas¸ta that decreased the number of people , sit by the number of people going now stated that the occurrence of Tools , \"in this case health, social security , environment issues related to the education , business opportunities , tourism , entertainment industry and society until the family life affects all aspects . So not only old age and aging , and the number of disabled persons with disabilities , of all people on earth , directly affect our lives. For therapeutic purposes in recent years an increasing number of elderly in Izmir welcomes tourists. We have to evaluate very well. Because of this , Izmir golden opportunity , \"he said .
Plastic and aesthetic surgery , hair transplantation , eye surgery , in vitro fertilization, open heart surgery , skin diseases, check-ups , cancer treatment , otorhinolaryngology , dialysis and heart-dam surgery , gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, dental , spa, low need physical therapy rehabilitation costs , as well as high quality and vehicle said that he prefers the health care provider in Izmir foreign patients coming because of technology standards, \"this forum to the world that we are at what point will be announced , \"he said . Photo Forum also will do also houses an important concert . published in the UK the X Factor in 2011 , the winner is Emmanuel Kelly, will give an unforgettable concert on November 30th. in Iraq, the war wounded died he no arms and legs abandoned in a box Emmanuel Kelly, Australian adopted by Moira Kelly . who participated in the talent contest to make their voices heard with disabilities Kelly, John Lennon's \"Imagine\"( Imagine That ) has won the admiration of millions with the voice of his work . The Australian government has been declared by the Goodwill Ambassador Kelly, the income derived from the concert Simorgh ( attached ) is donating to the foundation established for the treatment of twins.


The Future of Eye of the old Izmir Tourism Others 1 Billion Dollars" comments for.


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