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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:21

The Future of Insurance Industry Discussed in BCCI

The Future of Insurance Industry Discussed in BCCI
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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( BCCI) , 41 , organized by the Professional Insurance Agents Extended Sector Analysis Committee Meeting brought together their insurance agents .

Bursa news: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( BCCI) , 41 , organized by the Professional Insurance Agents Extended Sector Analysis Committee Meeting brought together their insurance agents . Photo provided by the opening speech of the meeting participation of insurance agents in South Marmara BCCI Aytug made ​​Honorary Member of the Board . Aytug honor , in his speech referring primarily to the BCCI's macro project , gave information about the projects they implement macro-7 . Honor after assessing the insurance industry , \"sea to the birth of modern insurance , motor insurance to the fire , while the leadership of individual accidents related to accident insurance to train accidents, major technical damage that occurred with the development of industry, engineering has led to the development of insurance . 20th century, the beginning of the insurance company to all the insurance needs so that it can respond have reached levels that could effectively serve as agencies have completed their organization , \"he said . Photo 41. the Hardworking President Remzi Professional Committee , the meeting expressed that it is important for the discussed the future of the insurance agency . Hardworking, \"Insurance agents as negativity occurs in the sold insurance on the internet, we are humiliated in the consumer dimension. We will try to come to the position it deserves the insurance industry ,\"he said . Photo Photo \" NEW REGULATIONS , < strong> to institutionalize AGENT \"
Insurance Agents Executive Committee ( HRH ) President Hussein Butcher, after Kars drew attention to the second regional meeting was held in Bursa . Butchers in the assessment about the new agency regulation, \"a new agency regulations came out on April 22 . These regulations last application on 22 October 2014 was postponed to April 30, 2015 . I guess , the application of regulations was discussed at our meeting agenda related to extending agents. Regulation of the first article aims agencies to institutionalize . on the basis of the institutionalization Agents, physical space, technological infrastructure and the renewal of the structure of human resources. Turkey available throughout the 15 thousand 509 pieces of the agency. we're working in scope visionary for the development and exchange of agents , \"he said .
< br/> \" 30 YEARS steadily INSURANCE SECTOR GROWS \"participating in the Meeting Photo Undersecretariat of Treasury General Manager Dr. Ahmet Young, gave information about the studies . Young, \"the insurance industry to develop analytical practice models for the prevention of experienced abuse was ensured continuous improvement of the insurance business in Turkey by putting them into practice . Insurance specialist insurance specialized courts are courts of law who work to make the changes and processes to more quickly realize showed great effort in editing. In OECD countries premium rates have also been examples of great challenge for the industry to catch in Turkey \"was found in the description . the information to the participants with a relevant presentation the implications of
2014 new agents regulations Young, said:Photo \"the insurance sector is growing steadily for 30 years . we can say that additional growth from general economic growth. However, this could not be reached still where we want to grow. we introduce a new regulation for us to reach the goals we want. systems that are introduced by the said regulation , according to the chaos in the form of changing prices every day looking at the competitors in the market of the company , profitability It is a system that will affect positive . We aim to make these regulations more careful and attentive tariffs of the company . \"He said. General problem of the
Insurance tabled at the meeting , the problems raised by the participants put forward suggestions. Photo

The Future of Insurance Industry Discussed in BCCI" comments for.


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