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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:11

The giraffe was moved to Ankara, Kayseri

The giraffe was moved to Ankara, Kayseri
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Atatürk Forest Farm Zoo's symbols"Shakir"and"Merve"'s giraffes, was transferred to Kayseri.

Ankara news: Atatürk Forest Farm Zoo's symbols"Shakir"and"Merve"'s giraffes, was transferred to Kayseri.
thin delicate structures, with long legs and long neck two cute giraffes"Shakir"and"Merve", according to a comfortable body structure designed to travel in a vehicle was taken to Kayseri. Mainly children AOÇ Zoo visitors of all citizens is in the limelight"Shakir"and"Merve"'s giraffes, temporary residence Kayseri Anatolian Wonderland at the Zoo in a short time the visitors was the favorite.
of residents move to City Zoo's two cute, body structure and climatic conditions was carried out with due diligence. Cute giraffe specially designed for them to acclimate to the transport vehicle at the zoo were incubated for 10 days in the shelter of the garden. Herbs and fruits placed into the car giraffes were acclimated to the vehicle and the vehicle was allowed to enter willingly. Then turn the particular vehicle superimposed giraffes veterinary supervision in the Kayseri new residence for a healthy way to reach was provided.
Ankara Atatürk Forest Farm and a special drive in Kayseri Anatolian Wonderland in the Zoo brought in slots that giraffes and Merve 8 years old, 3 feet 80 inches tall and weighs 900 pounds. 16-year-old Shakir is 5 feet tall and weighs 1.5 tons. After the 9 hour journey giraffe brought from Kayseri Merve nine months pregnant. Cute giraffe's six months later the world will bring the puppy's Anatolia Wonderland Zoo, a separate color layer is expected.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has launched Theme Park and Zoo Project temporarily closed garden animals, Metropolitan District Council has received decisions made under the protocols to be taken back to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Zoo, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Zoo, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Zoo Forestry and Water Affairs Scholarship-Karacabey wild animals Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is being delivered. Pet a part of the Metropolitan Municipality in Xinjiang Xinjiang Pet Park is moving.

The giraffe was moved to Ankara, Kayseri" comments for.


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