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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:21

The Government have lived in fear impact

The Government have lived in fear impact
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Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the government has expressed concern that in the coup.

Action magazine Idris Gürsoy Answering questions Arinc, the planned coup attempts against the power of the AK Party, lawsuits, civil-military relations, 28 S. February period, the peace process, evaluated the developments in Syria and the presidential election.

"When we came to power, I wonder if the account might be asked of them, blow ozlemcik then attempted to do this is to stay back, sorsalar he were not so sure."Arinc, said :"M esela I Başkanı'ydım Assembly. visitors came from abroad. We used to tell them the new Turkey, but saw off a bit flushed faces, ears bent 'would blow then Did you? ' They have asked that. We 'Absolutely no such a thing, makes you think?' We used to call, and then return to their own our souls 'These guys say it, it means that there is a concern that in Europe, the danger seems' we used to call. military participate in these ceremonies, eyes looking at the start secularism, fundamentalism finish building. Reception is given, we only count the prime minister at the table we'd head to head, none of them does not say welcome, sıkmazdı hands. someone stops at the next table, took care of us like going to eat. endured.'ve done some legal regulations. I must admit I like the civil-military relations in Western countries focus they are trying to fit the European Union accession process easier for us. Koperhag Kriterleri'ndeki constitutional, legislative changes and changes our way of understanding, our focus was that of an accreditation. these changes did not appeal."

28 S. February is one of the victims, Bulent Arinc, starting today on the case, made the following assessment:" 28 S. February judiciary. I think a well-crafted indictment. 28 E ubat'ın media, the judiciary, universities, and there are also some of the pillars of the business community ... 28 S. ubat'ın go through the judiciary and judicial decisions will be connected to the acquisition on behalf of Turkish democracy."

2 Quadrillion NEAR spent money

Referring to the issue of Syria, Bulent Arinc,"Five hundred thousand people showed up, one and a half million people in Jordan and in other countries, especially in Lebanon, 200 thousand people died. Both have spent close to katrilyona. eyes, ears unable to close."said.

assessment of the Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the National Opinion shirt as:"B If we were to trace the Felicity Party would be ready to go with the National Opinion shirt. Spindle is important to Comment , he or she has a party. then love our friends, they say the way to get open. But we have a separate party in the party."

presidential elections

If the President wants to be Arinc, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will support,"Now, for the first time elected president by the people. Abdullah Gul also apply to the right to a second choice. anyone who may be candidates nominated by 20 members of parliament. opposition candidate does not appear. wants to be a candidate for Prime Minister, without any trouble ' candidate Tayyip Erdogan friend ', we say, it's over. Mr. Prime Minister, it is only natural that if you so desire, Abdullah Gul, will consider such a request, I do not think kaşsısında different.", he said.

The Government have lived in fear impact" comments for.


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