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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:09

The governor of Bursa, the city has prepared a booklet describing the two

The governor of Bursa, the city has prepared a booklet describing the two
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Bursa Governor's Office, as well as efforts to promote the city in order to create a data source to prepare for publication presents the works.

two separate booklet published during the year, Bursa, tabled in all aspects of the province and across the county.

Planning and Budget Commission, a member of Parliament who visited the Governor Munir Karaloğlu'nun Bursa AK Party Deputy Huseyin Sahin, then Director of City Planning and Provincial Coordination Atacan'la met Valerie. Hawk viewing the governorship works submitted for publication, Bursa, education, health, agriculture, industry, energy, tourism, population movements, transport and employment related to the fields turned into a very important and noted that the current data source.

Sahin said in :"V aliliğin this work is really admirable. Would like to congratulate everyone who contributed. These works every politician, bureaucrat should keep in importance, as they have all the time at the beginning. As a politician resources bulunduracağım to take advantage of all the time at my disposal. congratulate those who contributed."she said.

DISTRICTS X-ray Withdrew

district attorney Sahin as a gift '17 'is a booklet, printed and distributed last week, started in mid-August said. Booklet compiled nearly two-year study, all the districts of Bursa data are accompanied by graphs and tables. Brad Valerie editor of the book, the districts of Turkey Statistical Institute data on population and demographic structure of receipt of education, health, agriculture, transportation, rural infrastructure, culture, tourism, local government, and industry and economic data were obtained from the district governorships said.


printed and distributed in July of this year started a while ago 'Bursa in 2012 in the province of Bursa offline booklet with numerical data in tables and graphs are still . By the end of 2012, Bursa, population characteristics, administrative structure, geographical features, climate, migration status according to age, health, education, tourism, agriculture, labor, industry, energy, transportation, finance, finance, foreign trade, social welfare and civil society organizations have the basic data.

booklet, as well as Korean, Turkish and English, are also included. The initiative of the Governor's Office as a reason for this situation, which is the sister city of Bursa Gyeonggsanbuk-do, South Korea is to be presented to the guests and delegations Showing booklet.

On the other hand, by the Governor and the institutions requesting to send delegations to give In order to book an oversized presentation prepared by the two units were reported. Presentation of the book In the first, the public investment in Bursa in 2013, and the other with tables and graphs are given the developments in the last 6 months.

The governor of Bursa, the city has prepared a booklet describing the two" comments for.


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