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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:02

The Hdp'l Tan \"6-7 October Events\"Description

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HDPE Diyarbakır deputy Altan Tan, Diyarbakir on October 6 to 7 incidents , \"Clear and Crisp images and despite the passage of 30 days , although a single custody over the incident and no arrests ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo Tan, at a press conference in Parliament, spoke on October 6-7, Diyarbakır-based events. In Diyarbakir, Tan pointed out that killed inside a house three young men , \"many times these images the TV screen to reflect . Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister repeatedly made ​​the subject of polemic subject . They found the condolences to call family , but the crucial point of about 60 people at that displays the open net There are a hundred , you have the image. although the current hour as so clear and crisp images and despite the passage of 30 days after the incident not a single arrest and detention . detained 200 people during these events. 40 people still in custody , but with this lynching event No one arrested about 60 other people with relevant images , \"he said. Photo Police officials and Diyarbakir, indicating that contact the prosecutor conducting the investigation Tan, \"Believe me, they do not establish a single sentence satisfactory. here you are in a criminal complaint. Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. about the Interior , Diyarbakir Governor , on the prosecutor conducting the safety and investigation. If you are in a legal authority to take action if a criminal complaint about them. I say or sea over, \"he said.
\" ACAB A NEW JİTEM IS THERE ? \"Photo describing the rationale for the present complaint, Tan, \"Face of masked people laying javelin in each hand, the deep state hortladı is made ​​in the Ergenekon allegations came back again. I wonder if there isa new JITEM , eliminateforeign intelligence agencies . They are all in the media. And also talk about them who Mr. President, Prime Minister and Interior Minister . So 30 days what are you doing ? \"He asked. Stressing that
yesterday in the heart of Ankara hdp'l a party Assembly officials in the assassination organized Tan, \"the first way to get the front of these events to illuminate the darkness. If you aydınlatamazs this darkness , you are primarily responsible for this job. Who ? Government , the Prime Minister and Interior Minister , I do not go down , \"he said .
\"OSLO'< strong> was AGREED on what? \"Photo Interior Minister Alain Efkar \"that disrupt the PKK's agreement \"for Tan reminded of the statement, \"the first is what he said in Oslo , agreed on what , before I got to tell you. I do not know . I also want to say anything more . What we agreed on , what is broken , why is broken , who broke ? Then I got to speak \"gave money . Tan Photo hdp'n for the closure of the claim , \"talk of the party at the time we came off great misfortune . Close Party , Turkey's back to the chiller period. It is even conceivable damage them talk , \"he said . Photo Kurdish lawmakers\"are not life safety zone \"for Tan also claimed , \"I had been to a number within the AKP , which calls for 75 Kurdish deputies . Dear friends , please talk , question , be involved , be political actors , contribute to the solution. I said I was. Currently some media kalemşorların ,'No cracks did not sound like'they're trying to cover up this business. Kurdish MPs is important to start the conversation. Thank goodness they started talking to God, \"he said .
Some press publications Tan also made ​​a statement on the implementation of accreditation , \"He used to publish lists such as Cevik Bir . We want non publication of such list. According to self-publish a buffoon who came to power when the army of this name is not democracy, \"he said.

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