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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:30

The Importance of Seat Belts have a better understanding of simulation by Vehicle

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Eregli district of Zonguldak Eregli Bulent Ecevit University Faculty of Education and Vocational School District Police Department was brought to town by accident simulation tool.

Zonguldak news: Five kilometers speeding vehicle that has rolled over at the moment what had happened and tried to be explained to citizens the importance of seat belts . Photo Eregli Faculty of Education, Vocational School of Maritime and Port management 2nd year students, social responsibility project Eregli County Police Department in partnership with the accident simulation tool to district brought . Project stated that meant the importance of immediate safety belts accident, automobile riding safety belts and safety beltless tumbling many citizens said they understand once again the importance of seat belts . Photo Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Eregli Faculty of Education Vocational School Assistant Director Mustafa Kara, the purpose of the project with the students said that they held to explain the importance of seat belts . Mustafa Kara speech , said Bulent Ecevit University as a late realization of this project as part of a course with final year students said:\"Our society in traffic accidents a very serious problem , as everyone knows. This problem seatbelt can take to prevent the course of deaths and injuries is very important that gaining awareness is very important. we have seen that particular project starting we made with friends in meeting our accident of fatal and injury accidents of three-quarters of that occurred in the city of 75 percent. so in this sense , unfortunately, our society is not at the desired level of consciousness. \"Infrastructure works describing maybe last year to see that relatively fine studies of land, \"but especially the issues that we want to stand on our seatbelts. An idea of ​​output it in meetings with the scope friends. Sağolsun district police Our ​​manager , traffic , our branch office supervisor helped us . That way came to life . especially known in two ways to close all of them. a seat belt fitted so in the absence of the other side of the belt . the difference is the importance of safety belts installed when it is felt , but everyone in a much clearer in the case of fitting persistently pressing on said installation of the seat belts . this simulation is simulating events by means of 5 kmph. Therefore, 5 km speed people do not use somewhere much more than a place if it is not a bottleneck comes in traffic. even when we look at the speed within the city limits of possible accident last in front of the defense in the vehicle injuries are serious problems is a very important rule . We also recommend everyone to abide by these rules together with our friends. \"Said Atilla Yuksel from Photo Project students in our country are noting that much of seat belt wearing habits , said:\"We've done the work as part of a project. As shown in our people are interested it. In this way our people if we replicate this project will be more aware . Will provide more information on this subject if we consciously move and transmitted to a better future . We must be our example and our cultural development of both large and small in terms of both social environmental development. Our big bottom is how we ultimately come in small and consistent behavior also takes our small sample so . We can evaluate this from every angle. We are very happy to do this project. We believe that we inform our people . \"

The Importance of Seat Belts have a better understanding of simulation by Vehicle" comments for.


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