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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:29

The intermediate element Aviation Requirements Coming Up in the Hittite University

The intermediate element Aviation Requirements Coming Up in the Hittite University
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Corum intermediate element needed by the aviation industry needs is grown in the Hittite University.

Çorum news: training required by Photo Age-keeping in mind the teaching approaches, employment-oriented new programs opened Hittite University in the Vocational School of the Social Sciences in Aviation Ground Handling student intake this year for the first time to the Management Program was held . Photo of Higher Education ( HEC ) by entanglement entire quota determined as 28 people and additional placement student number 32 rising programs , the fastest one of the growing sector seeks mid-level management training to the civil aviation sector . Photo location services department providing education program graduates on civil aviation , location services , as well as the establishment ; airline companies, air freight companies, offering catering to aircraft bodies and travel agencies of the civil aviation sector, especially able to be employed in enterprises that fulfill the important service.
< strong> section opens the TK DEN COMMENTS RECEIVED
global developments closely following the Hittite University in the field of education , preference employment-oriented instead of the departments in other universities in Turkey and uses since the section with a future.
Aviation Ground Services meticulous work before the opening of the Management Program conducting the Hittite University Rector Dr. Reha Metin Alkan, Turkey's largest , in the world who have a voice and a brand name in the aviation sector has held talks with Turkish Airlines . Photo THY General Manager in the exchange of views with Temel Kotil Rector Alkan, THY's comments and the suggestions by has led to the opening of the program. Professor Dr. Reha Metin Alkan, due to the close attention in the opening chapter THY General Manager Temel Kotil thanked . In recent months , Prof. Vocational School Director Dr. Menderes Suiçmez and Vocational Aviation Ground Services Management program with faculty and Murat Kaya Eagles Aslıhan Amasya Merzifon Airport Director Ibrahim mad to visiting Professor Dr. Alken, was the message that they are ready to cooperate . Photo AMERICAN TRAINERS from ENGLISH COURSES GERMAN to the Comfort Inn Photo Program , in addition to aviation courses offered in accordance with the purpose of business management, the use of basic computer technology and professional English all information given will need to work with students as life lessons. Professional English courses in American educator William Joseph Hagood English with students who catch the chance to learn from a teacher of foreign educational life is planned at airports technical visits throughout . Ease of finding business reasons for preferring a Photo Department, the charm of the aviation sector , have good wages work were able to come up with some professional and technical in direct pass from secondary schools as they can settle their lives of the sort to be away from the monotony of student programs to the university they receive in the exam YGS-5 points . Photo Hittite University Vocational High School in 1976 in Turkey opened the first 13 profession is one of the college and keeping up with the school , which has a long tradition of time explaining that renews itself continuously Prof. Dr. Reha Metin Alkan, world due to technological developments have increased the importance of the national and international level in the aviation industry , on this ground handling services as well as other issues in parallel will increase the need for intermediate members , he said.
< Strong> VOCATIONAL N QUALIFIED we aim TECHNICAL PERSONNEL TRAINING , the wE ARE READY TO cooperate with aLL INSTITUTIONS fOR IT Photo world aviation sector grew by 4.7 percent each year over the next 20 years , 25 years At the end of air transport will be doubled and a number of Asia would be pointing to Prof. Dr. Alkan, \"The domestic air transport in Turkey will be the fastest growing market over the next 20 years. Gained momentum in recent years of air transportation and flight in occupancy rates increased with each passing day , many in our country where the civil aviation company ,'Aviation Ground Services management'area where there is a significant need for graduates and in the future is seen to increase gradually this need , \"he said .
necessary interviews with serving companies in the sector and technical cooperation in line with \"Aviation Ground Services management \"at the Vocational School in the field of qualified technical staff to train indicating that they intended Rector Alkan, has announced that it is ready to cooperate with universities all institutions. Photo Rector Alkan, the fibroids in aviation, required technical knowledge and skills , who know foreign languages ​​required by the job , the computer can use , analytical thinking and problem solving skills gained the world and change and innovation in the aviation sector in Turkey quickly followed , adopted the lifelong learning principles , students will graduate as having middle-management features as well as \"relevant Certificates of Location Services \", adding that they would graduate taking .


The intermediate element Aviation Requirements Coming Up in the Hittite University" comments for.


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