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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:39

The Lefter'e the sealed statue Fenerbahce jersey was worn

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Fenerbahçe legend Lefter Küçükandonyadis'in statue was sealed by the prosecution in Buyukada .

İstanbul news: Islanders react to seal the statue was dressed in uniform Fenerbahce statue is . Photo Buyukada set the permission of the municipality in June last year to Liberty Square Turkish Left of the values ​​of football Küçükandonyadis'in statue over by the prosecution was sealed covering . Allegedly his wife Stavran the Andonyadis to sealing wrap the island over the statue upon the application of the prosecutor reacted residents . A giant statue standing behind the tree slam Fenerbahçe flag ; wrapped in black canvas to sculpture, from the region of the island residents were exposed to curious onlookers . Islanders react to situations , dressed in uniform Fenerbahce to Lefter'e the statue. Photo noting that a citizen Fenerbahce very sorry , \"I've been Fenerbahce because of it. I feel terrible as an Arsenal . But I'm glad that sealed. It does not look like him. My favorite footballer They show the worst case , \"he said . Photo sculpture canvas with covering Küçükandonyadis'in friend react to seal Tanriverdi former footballer Ahmed , \"Sculpture was made two years ago. They could not pay for it. we went to the municipality this sculptor , we said you're a gift. They statue here planting they see fit. it was strife between family and I came to this day . lawlessness existed before everything . Covering the process of prosecutors who do not have decision-making powers of the Prosecutor. it is necessary for the court decision . the prosecutor here made legal errors . is trying to get something for someone over the Lafter think I'm sorry . Main business is the addressee of this municipality. the municipality has put up with it gets here with the unanimous decision of putting the municipal council. They applied the wrong place. Basis and there is something wrong procedural here , \"he said .
On the other hand Lefter'e grandson Özcan Ply , shed tears came yesterday in front of the evening statue. Fenerbahce jersey dressed statue wrapped Ply , was in tears .

The Lefter'e the sealed statue Fenerbahce jersey was worn" comments for.


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