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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:05

The legislative, Sabri'nin Why Announces Roster Out of stock

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Galatasaray Sports Club, President of the Second Legislature of Hamdi , Sabrina Sarıoğlu'nun coach Roberto Mancini's reporting period in line is left out of the squad for a long time , he said.

İstanbul news: Photo Galatasaray Vice Chairman Hamdi legislature , attended a program broadcast on 360 TV. Yellow-red team for a long time staff speaking about the non-residual Sabri Sarioglu the Legislature, \"Sabri, was left out of the squad with Mancini's report. Sabri our case the moment is the players we need. Was called to the squad. I had already committed a crime that will be forgiven ,\"he said . < Br/> legislature , Galatasaray, stating that to satisfy fans of the game being played at the moment , said they went better with each passing day in the sense of the game.
\" we need to KENETLENME \"Photo New management first before financial problems which stressed the need to overcome legislature , \"the second issue is the football player, is that it engages the unity of the administrators. Riva we need evaluation. this project is financially very important to us ,\"he said .
\"PRANDELLI'< strong> YE we TRUST \"Photo legislature , sent after've championship teams Romanian coach said that Mircea Lucescu injustice done , \"Government no name not spoken. But there is a Lucescu love the Galatasaray community . We have decided to continue with our trainer. What happens next year is not known . Lucescu is always an alternative for Galatasaray . Prandelli has a contract until May 2016 . 1 + 1 is not 2 years old. If you want to send Galatasaray Prandelli must pay 2 million 450 thousand Euro + 2 million 450 thousand euros. There is no other compensation. We rely on Prandelli . Galatasaray, Turkey does not play very good football , but we see the quality of the football . National Team middle, Fenerbahce, Besiktas 10 matches had played 8 of them to play bad , Galatasaray such , \"he said . Photo Selcuk Sahin and Burak said Yilmaz they play at 50 percent capacity Galatasaray Vice Chairman Hamdi legislature , Burak Yilmaz full in case of performance display , he said it would be very useful.
\"TERMS \" We learn from GAZETETE s departure \"Photo legislature , coach Fatih Terim's Galatasaray also discussed evently be sent , \"Fatih Terim go that we have learned from the newspapers. Was not a problem between Fatih Terim , Galatasaray . The Federation had made ​​a deal with better terms and went on my own . We have been a champion even in the worst times. For example Lucescu time . We expect to have 4 star end of the year . Let's get a star player on the intermediate transfer that would wish , but in this difficult financial circumstances. I thought it was a misuse of the lunar Unal management . Such as the lunar Unal's not likely return . Even if they do not stand a chance because if'escaped'they say. But I do believe that many , \"he said.

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