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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:07

The local press was informed in Giresun

The local press was informed in Giresun
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Press Ad Council (RCC) Board Member Mustafa Aslan , said the new regulations made ​​more comfortable to work in the local newspapers .

Giresun news: Photo Press Ad Council (RCC) Board Member Mustafa Arslan Journalists Confederation President and Bursa Journalists Association President Nuri Kolaylı , Journalists Confederation Vice President , Chief Özdemir , Army September 19 Journalists Association President Erdogan Accessing , Çorum Journalists Association President Shaukat Erzan and Giresun Journalists met with local media representatives in the Association President Bakr Day Giresun.
President speaking Journalists Confederation of the program and Bursa Journalists Association President Nuri simplicity , Anatolian newspaper Owners newspaper representatives performing visits Anatolia around as representatives said that they inform . Photo Kolaylı , \"Our present purpose of our visit, the innovations introduced is not news to most of us friend. We are you to be able to talk about these innovations , listening to you of the problem, the board of directors issue of vaccination , Press Ad bring Authority expressed across the board and a little bit in order to be able , Chat we visited. Our journalists of our Confederation is composed of eight journalists federation. Seven were established in the region. In this one out of the seven regions of the Ankara-based media have Specialized Journalists Federation . We established this confederation, federation, with a total of 8 with this federation. Currently 80 journalists and professional organizations with us is moving with us and solve our problems with our only goal is our profession , \"he said . Photo Press Ad Council (RCC) Board Member , Mustafa Arslan, the changes made in the local newspaper with Press Ad Agency regulations gave information about . Armstrong, \"will give you information about the innovations made ​​in the legislation and the will holds consultations in listening to questions and solutions to problems that we want to convey to us. Of course, we do not have a carte blanche . But first the problem of solving the point we have a perseverance and determination endless , \"he said . Photo Mustafa Aslan , henceforth notaries instead of governors in the provinces of approved books should be kept to the RCC regulations of the local newspaper , said districts also can be done through district . Photo Ads voicing the bill could go to a new regulation regarding the withholding of the Lion, the strengthening of the local newspaper and posting cake , adding to the ongoing work to benefit more .

The local press was informed in Giresun" comments for.


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