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  • 01 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 18:52

The ministry has approved the name of Said-i Nursi IHL students

The ministry has approved the name of Said-i Nursi IHL students
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Bediuzzaman Said Nursi name of religious high school was newly opened in Bitlis.

AK Party Deputy Wahid

Pantry Bitlis, 'Bediuzzaman Said-i Nursi, born in the village of Nurs Bitlisimizin scientific, conscience and innate ways, except şahsiyetlerindendir period. Foresight is high, his heart full of love for God and man is a leader. Fought for the liberation of the country and nation, wounded, captured a fallen warrior. At the same time in the heart of the people who have served the nation with the love of a great patriot to the last breath of life. Bediuzzaman wrote works oriented to the world. Remember the name of Bediuzzaman and the newly opened against him because of religious faithfulness that we have seen fit to give the name of the high school."He said.

"By the Directorate of National Education, the school put in the name of religious high schools and Said-i Nursi was applied to the ministry for approval."said Wahid Pantry,"which was made Minister of Foreign Affairs and the General after consultation müdürümüzle Said-i Nursi Religious Vocational High School in the name of the school was approved. Just one of the steps towards democratization, Mr. Minister, thank you very much and wish to be beneficial ediyoruz.Bu decision."He said.

Bitlis deputy Valerie Demiröz ise'Bediüzzaman Said Nursi trained century, with the works of genius and a rare figure in the most talked about. Living a simple, uncompromising, stable and immaculate life, as well as relevance to the rightful copyright works that have been honored. ideas expressed in his works, has the ability to shed light on our times and ages. Detection and identification of the time showed the accuracy and legitimacy of, affirmed. Life country and the nation, is a person devoted to unity and integrity of the nation fell in love with."he said.

Demiröz, 'Government within the framework of the democratization would continue to have the largest values. Bitlisimiz has a special place in our country and the name of the imam of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi better recognized and understood by new generations of granting high school. For this purpose, the name of the imam master 'I've been offered to high school. Ministry has seen fit to get right. Bitlisimize and our country get better.' he said.

The ministry has approved the name of Said-i Nursi IHL students" comments for.


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