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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:53

The Most Common Childhood Illness

The Most Common Childhood Illness
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Denizli State Hospital specialist Dr Child Psychiatry.

Denizli news: Denizli State Hospital specialist Dr Child Psychiatry. Akyol ideals Juniper, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug use in the treatment of children seen alone create a solution that parents and teachers noted that the approach is also important.
Child Psychiatry Specialist Dr. Ideal Akyol Juniper, of childhood, the most common ailments which are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is extremely important academic, social and psychiatric problems that can lead to and the negative effects of life that can last for a neurobiological disorder, he said. Dr.. Juniper, hyperactivity symptoms were listed as follows:
"attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsivity may be listed as. Attention Deficit To talk about these symptoms seven years before to have begun and people's daily lives that will affect the size, reach is required. Hyperactivity Disorder children with normal children than are moving. these children-ending endless energy has. Calm the play are unable to vent, talk so much, hands, feet never stop. these cases, the child unsuitable cases fro scuttle the grade sit on when it should not sit, teachers from those around him make calls and distracting the as complaints coming, should show success success under shows, if do your homework difficulty, the article on the right to the left forgets, if addressed hear when you do not, the school prepared difficulty if, and most importantly, if the intellectual capacity under the academic success if they exhibit families alarmed and do a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry specialist support are required to take."
to teachers and parents have important tasks
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the family, school and doctors triangle important tasks fall reminding Child Psychiatry Specialist Dr. . Ideal Akyol Juniper, said continued :"B u discomfort Child and Adolescent PSYCHIATRY deems appropriate with medications personal psychological treatment and the right of family support, combining very good results. Parents' unconditional support teachers and the excellent cooperation child's behavior and performance on the remarkable level provides recovery. particular teacher's kid in the front row seating, glass edges or sides of the door to the fitting of children, between the special language development. families the child's homework in his teaching environment is regular, the room is quiet and distractions of goods lesson to be in a place away from the studied section is required due diligence."

The Most Common Childhood Illness" comments for.


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