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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 10:24

The Most Important Meal Breakfast for Students

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Mersin Provincial Health Director Assoc.

Mersin Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kemal succeed , the children eating healthy growth and development of the next school success is very important for emphasizing that, \"Students for the most important meal is breakfast . Breakfast in case of no distractions , fatigue , headache and mental performance is decreased ,\"he said .
in statements related to children's nutrition Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kemal succeed , the growth and development of children in addition to a healthy diet is also very important for success in school , he said. Children from families only school success was not based on their growth and development monitoring and healthy eating behaviors for developing the close involvement should be underlined that the succeed , \"the children's healthy eating four food groups found in various foods in sufficient quantities and in a balanced manner are required to eat . Dairy group, the milk, yogurt, meat group, located in the meat, poultry, eggs, cheese , dried beans, fruits and vegetables and cereals entering the bread , wheat, pasta, rice and other foods at every meal in sufficient quantities to be consumed is recommended , \"he said.
< br/> \" fOR STUDENTS very important meal \"
for students the most important meal of the breakfast that the emphasis succeed , the \"all night long after fasting , our bodies and our brains to start the day for the energy requirement is concerned . if breakfast is not done , distractibility , fatigue , headache and mental performance is decreased. Therefore, the day starts with a breakfast made adequate and balanced to increase students'success in school is extremely important . Children do not eat breakfast every morning on a regular basis should be given to the habit of winning . Cheese, boiled eggs, fresh fruit juice, a few slices of bread or 1 cup milk , pastry , fruit, enough for children and is an example of a balanced breakfast . Physical and mental performance throughout the day can be kept at the highest level , intermediate and regular consumption of main meals possible. Therefore, it should not be overlooked meals . Daily consumed foods 3 main , 2 meals taken in the is most suitable , \"he said .
\" unpackaged foods, ENOUGH RELIABLE AND CLEAN IS NOT \"Unpackaged foods
reliable and clean enough to succeed indicating whether the description said:
\"Also, they are not kept in proper conditions are at risk for rapid deterioration . Therefore, the food sold in the open , especially around the school definitely needs to be purchased . Children's school canteens , snack foods they buy from places like must be careful in the selection . Milk, buttermilk packaged foods when purchasing information on the label on the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of the production permit discovery and expiration date has elapsed , the bulk sold toast, bagels, pastry foods such as a clean and reliable way to be prepared should be considered . Hand washing and tooth brushing for healthy living habits for children is very important . Dirty hands, from a simple cold to deadly hospital-acquired infections can be the cause of many diseases . Therefore, children , especially before eating and after toilet after entering the outside, after playing outside, come home hands warm running water with soap and rub to wash habits is necessary to impart . \"

The Most Important Meal Breakfast for Students" comments for.


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