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The most useful Google Chrome add-ons

The most useful Google Chrome add-ons
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If you have previously used Google Chrome plug-ins, you must try

As it is known

Google Chrome users is one of the most popular internet browsers. Chrome is fast and trouble-free operation of choice for many users, but also due to a large add-on options allows one to perform the daily tasks easily without resorting to different programs.

Here are some of the most useful extensions to Google ,

one-Gmail Offline

name As can be seen in the Offline Gmail, Google's e-mail service that allows you to use an add-on in situations where you do not have internet access. Offline add-on that you can do where you create and edit e-mail can also perform actions such as deleting and archiving.

2-Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer

is a plugin developed by Google Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, or you can open documents easily if you do not want an entry permit.


Bitly'nin popular link shortening service to share and link a large number of links on the Google Chrome extension is a very useful tool to manage.

Links to organize, to see the number of hits, or on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail edit the add-on features such as sharing via shortened links, create a quick link, and click to preview according to the figure it is possible to create a notification.

4-Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker, showing unread e-mails, you can be informed without providing your inbox. Located at the top right of the browser plug-in shows the number of unread e-mail alerts to the user.

want to reach your inbox, direct plug-in by clicking on the Connect to the Gmail service.

5-Turn Off the Lights

with you Turn Off the Lights that are different from other plug-ins shared your browser while watching movie clips or any tool that aims to focus on the video, just as in the cinema. Except for the area covered by the remaining segments of the video you are watching the video obscures the plug-in lamp is located on the top right of the browser you are not activated until you click the icon. In a sense, had completed the lights on by pressing the button on the screen would be. In addition, if you want the plug-in to perform this procedure automatically be able to supply videos.

6-Color Changer For Facebook

of interest that may have a plug Inns Facebook fans. Because, although Facebook has a fun design and content, though thousands of known constant for each user of the social network can be squeezed to see the same blue theme. In fact, you can make changes to your account as developed for Facebook Color Changer For Facebook, the social network can create the difference in both the front and background colors.

7-Chrome LastPass

many services that serve different purposes of Internet users now have an important place in your life. Not surprisingly, the passwords that you use to login to services as well as other social media to keep in mind is quite difficult.

LastPass is an online password manager, the sites you visit on your browser Chrome does not need to remember the user name and password. Moreover, the plug-RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass Password Safe, MyPasswordSafe, Sxipper, TurboPasswords, Passpack programs, such as the passwords in the password manager can be transferred.

8-Photo Zoom For Facebook

these pictures on Facebook and software that meet a specific need when it does not take long to be popular among the users. In this sense, the social network Facebook Photo Zoom for enlarging photos automatically while browsing feature has attracted the attention of users.

With this plugin uses

Approximately 5 million people in the photos on Facebook becomes very easy to browse. Working as an integrated add-on to facebook album, profile, photos, or looking at photographs of a time warp without having to open them one at a time allows you to see the real dimensions easily. URL Shortener

shortening URLs using Google Chrome plug-in that is designed to easily shorten URL Shortener, Google offers support, the solution to the user to quickly and successfully.

Official API support, auto-copy to the clipboard, the context menu and QR code plug-in features such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Tumblr, and supported by hundreds of others can use it to share through the site.

The most useful Google Chrome add-ons" comments for.


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