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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:57

The new neighborhood is transformed

The new neighborhood is transformed
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Canik Municipality and TOKI urban transformation project carried out in collaboration with the scope of expropriation studies carried out in 80.5 acres of land in the new neighborhood will be built in a modern living space.

Samsun news: Photo Black Sea's largest urban renewal project of the Municipality of Canik'te performing the North Star , is now conducting studies of a new life in a new neighborhood area . Canik Municipality and the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) continues to work on 80.5 acres of land expropriation in the new neighborhood within the scope of the project through collaboration. Demolitions in the area with about 200 buildings to be cleaned by the Canik Municipality in March and the building will be carried out of the destruction . Photo livable CITY Photo improved in all aspects , Canik'te stating that they tried to build a livable city Mayor Osman Young, \"North Star , plenty of green areas, earthquake-resistant building offers people in our contemporary living facilities. Now we will add a modern living space to our people in the new neighborhood. here, the ugly and new to Turkey unseemly displays , scrap dealers will be eliminated . as of March will be held the destruction of which the expropriated building and then hopefully you will find our project life. \"Photo mass and TRANSFORMATION Photo Canik'te AK Party municipality to which indicates they made ​​a municipality on the appropriate standard young, \"Today a child window overlooking the North Star , the future imaginary children from the slums facing window is not the same . Hopefully we will entrust our children we desire cities . Safe, green and adorned cities will trust. A city, stone , earth, does not occur with cement. She needs to take a human need to shape it with our values. We do education, culture, sports, health, shopping centers, we reveal a modern city with living areas. Urban transformation, we do training with housing, culture and arts, the sports center , we are completing the shopping malls , \"he said .


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