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  • 04 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:02

( The Özelhab ) Fenerbahce to Apply Bioenergy

( The Özelhab ) Fenerbahce to Apply Bioenergy
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Izmirli \"Inventor Engineer \"Ismail Yıldızkol this time, an important application in the field of bioenergy is signing .

İzmir news: Izmirli \"Inventor Engineer \"Ismail Yıldızkol this time, an important application in the field of bioenergy is signing . For a while in the agenda of the Ministry of Health that the bioenergy applications Yıldızkol through bioenergy can improve their performance in training and matches football players claimed. Yıldızkol \"In this regard I will be in contact with Fenerbahce Club ,\"he said .
\"Drive Oath \"invention met with great interest by the United Nations , particularly migraine treatments , including many in the health field who signed the Mechanical Engineer Ismail Yıldızkol this until many years of service to humanity in every field are . As certified by the Ministry of Education continues to work in İzmir and has been invited several seminars and conferences at home and abroad to the Yıldızkol in this variety of people with health problems were treated by the method of bioenergy . Successful in this field of applications that Yıldızkol finally the Black Sea provinces and in Georgia, many patients also improved , he said.
Every day new new applications signed and in constant search of the Biyoenerjist Ismail Yıldızkol \"I am the God-given these bioenergy power of humanity to offer the service would continue. Tangible no expectations yet. so far, the musculo-skeletal system disorders, those with migraines and headaches , vertigo and balance disorders, leg shortening the paralyzed to and even hernia events and not very ambitious , but has yet to progress cases of cancer in this patient at the request of , as adjunctive therapy intervened. patient brothers my application to my healing say they have found . them to cure the ailments if I'm a happily for me, \"he said.
bioenergy sPORT can apply
Applications during the Turkey and the world in many countries invited , and the invitation to not accept the're trying to record Yıldızkol a claim further by putting bioenergy sport in the service offer can be claimed. Fenerbahçe's former president , yellow-blue community loved the name Tahsin Kaya met and upon the invitation went to Istanbul he treated stated that the Yıldızkol said:
\"Tahsin Bey, a valuable human being.'ve Met, and to each other much confidence we have . bioenergy pays attention to . himself several times sessions, and I was very pleased , he said. Hence, God-given this power of our sport at the service can use came to my mind . Topics Tahsin Bey, when I opened it Fenerbahçe Sports Club with officials in my name he could speak , he said. footballers bioenergy you can apply and thus the training and matches to the much more vigorous would date would argue . Future hope for . longer football club how our physicians, orthopedic surgeons and masseur , if any, biyoenerjist also be . today, existence can not be denied to the extent the real thing bioenergy how the service of humanity present if we , our sport , futbolumuzun also provide services It is time . I can say that I am very ambitious in this regard . \"

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