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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:44

The Parliament of Education , Culture, Youth and Sports Commission Tension

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CHP group vice president Levent Gok CHP Istanbul deputy Nur other members CHP Hard , Turkey International Islam , Science and Technology University, Ibn specifying Khaldun University and Istinye University, they rejected the draft law providing for the establishment , left the commission.

Ankara news: Photo parliamentary National Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Commission, was chaired by Deputy Emrullah Affairs in Ankara . Turkey International Islam , Science and Technology University, Ibn Khaldun University and met by combining envisioning draft law for the establishment of Istinye University. Photo CHP Istanbul deputy Nur Serter , took the floor in the talks, has been obtained in any form of property owned by the university establishes foundation he said it is important . Hard , \"the foundation behind Ibn Khaldun University , türgev's assets were grown with the political power of printing with state of the procurement business people to donate. Politics, interests and located in the center of rent relations and a foundation that is converted to the shape of the illegal donation pool their procurement businessmen a considered the establishment of universities , \"he said . Stiff , as the CHP group announced that they have requested to withdraw from the commission of the said bill. Then said they refuse to be a part of this game Nur Serter , the CHP group vice president, has left the commission Levent other members of the CHP with the heavens . The
AK Party deputy of Manisa Selçuk Özdağ said they get decided by a bias CHP commissioners. Türgev of Ibn Özdağ indicating Khaldun University, it was gratifying of do not want to , \"I wish Nur had told the names of the businessmen in Hard donation . They have taken what works from the state of these businessmen , these jobs if it had proof that they receivedquestionable . To make a claim , then under imputation businessmen get , \"he said .
Some AK Party deputies commissioners condemned the attitude of the CHP . AK Party Istanbul deputy Ismet Flying , \"We faced a CHP classic . Another kind of behavior is to be expected ,\"he said . AK Party Yalova Deputy Basic Coskun , Minister of Education Nabi Avci , said that the low wages paid to teachers who participated in the pop-up refresher courses in school , he asked how the measures considered. If a Photo Minister Hunters now for close to 100 thousand teachers on weekends in schools he said come with great sacrifices to drop refresher courses . Hunter, declared that 2.5 million students admitted to taking supplements of course , \"our teachers are aware of their interest in this course , we are grateful . But wages do not think we are enough. That's why we met with the Ministry of Finance . Hopefully in the next few weeks ... paid as course time 9 pounds 45 cents . We have requested the removal of the second floor unless it never Ministry of Finance. at least the way it works Ministry of Finance with the meet were let thoughts of money. our teachers sacrifice to we will do such an arrangement to make a contribution , albeit small , \"he said . < br/> after the completion of the draft committee meeting was accepted.

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