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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:46

The perpetrators of the murder of the previous 19 years was referred to the court

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After Samsun 19 years ago, burned , sunk into the cornfield killed by drowning 3 children were referred to the court by the wife of detained two brothers about the death of the shepherd .

Samsun news: The deceased buried where extracted from bones and the clothing was taken to court in the lap of melting gendarmerie in boxes. Photo Samsun Tekkeköy Kutlukent who was a shepherd Çırakman Quarter 3 children 31-year-old Saban flag's family killed 1 year after 30 in October 1996, to make an application to the gendarmerie that flag disappears. News than Saban could not get a flag in the application after the loss last 18 years. Saban's wife Habiba flag (47), then residing in the same neighborhood , Mehmet E. ( 44 ) and was married . Photo Tekkeköy District Gendarmerie Command teams , did not fall for the event . Gendarmerie event focusing on the possibility of murder, has deepened the investigation. Habiba married Mehmet E's brother E. Moses E. ( 40 ) , saying the gendarmerie that remorseful on the compression , telling Shaaban flag event day his wife Habib sent out of the house , \"My brother Mehmet Saban Bayri E.'we have received years of the automobile. I strangled and killed him with his hand to flag screeds my brother when using the tool. we buried later with cornfields . my wife Habib had knowledge of these events, \"he claimed. Photo events related to Habib E., Mehmet E. and E. Moses , was detained by Tekkeköy District Gendarmerie Command teams . Yesterday, prosecutors and the gendarmerie under the supervision of Moses E. Show that Saban flag of the bone in search of the farm and construction machinery reached apparel. Habib spent the night at the gendarmerie station E., Mehmet E. and E. Moses , was referred to the Court of Samsun today . E.'s statement taken by the police of Moses , but he learned to be in court by prosecutors Mehmet Habib E. E.'s statement. Slain Saban flag from the ground bones and pieces of clothing , was taken to court by choline in the lap of the melt gendarmerie evidence bags.

The perpetrators of the murder of the previous 19 years was referred to the court" comments for.


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