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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 18:30

"The PKK weapons release calling for reasons to avoid interruption of the process"

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Rights and Freedoms Party (HAK-PAR), calling for the PKK to lay down arms reasons to avoid interruption of the process, and if the demand for the Kurdish people do what the political and peaceful means, to do such a work style should be reported.

not solve the problem of foreign intervention in Syria, an armed emphasized.

Hak-Par, announced that the final declaration of the party council. Party building in Ankara, with the participation of heads of provincial parliament extended collected, evaluated, and decisions were made internal and external political developments. In a written statement on the issue, condemned the coup in Egypt. Mursi and his friends were asked to release. That general elections will be free and for a moment before going to the Folklore was requested to respect the results.

Hak-Par shall not constitute an armed solution to the problem of foreign intervention, and the war will make the situation even more complicated than the growth of fires, neighboring countries tell us that it believes will lead to splashing statement noted,"Of course, international institutions, including UN bodies, particularly the great powers and Syria's neighbors, so as much as 100 thousand people died and millions have banished the path that leads to ruinous fall in this bloody towns and cities-kalmamalılar wrestle with the audience. But to do business, to attend and be a party to a civil war, but to silence the guns to force the parties to come together around a peace table. there to keep the peace, and open the way for democracy in this country is a reconciliation of each sector to ensure that their rights will be secured. UN Ö rgütü, especially if they want the United States and Russia, it is possible. For us, the solution to the formation of a democratic and federal in Syria. making a new constitution and free elections in a democratic Syria, the new administration should be determined as a result. Kurdish people in their region, Western Kurdistan must have a right to self-government. This is in accordance with the preference of people in the region may be federal or autonomous management. PYD'nin relations with the regime, on the other Kurdish organizations to put obstacles to work, tries to keep control of their own armed force entirely based on the region Mr. Massoud Barzani's initiative does not comply with the principles of unity, and provided that the main cause of friction. attain the legitimate rights of our people in this segment, in a peaceful and democratic self-rule for the relations existing between the parties, the union is needed. anyone responsible for this act, in this regard PYD followed up to now must leave the wrong attitude."the statement said.

important and historic step for the Kurds Kurdish National Congress stated that the statement, in the narrow-party accounts, without falling into the success of the congress, since such a step is bound to act in accordance with the spirit of the stressed.

Solution unequivocally for peace and the PKK to lay down arms, highlighting the need for the state to recognize the fundamental rights of the Kurdish people, the statement,"the withdrawal of the armed forces and the PKK unequivocally lay down their weapons out of the boundary remains uncertain. PKK leader Öcalan no longer checks to ensure that the armed struggle is full, the PKK had proposed move towards political work altogether, leaving weapons. PKK says it has adopted the policy that benimsiyorsa-to-do, in order to avoid interruption of the process and the rationale for the Kurdish people to leave what I requested a gun if you call it political and peaceful means, such style of work to do. government when it comes to peace and the solution is not only knowing the PKK to lay down arms, to take steps for the solution of the Kurdish problem. New Constitution of this approach, ie, solving the Kurdish problem and must be formulated in accordance with a full democratization."expressions were used.

"The PKK weapons release calling for reasons to avoid interruption of the process"" comments for.


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