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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:15

The President Aesob Sevimçok , listened to the problems of SOBACI Bazaar Tradesmen

The President Aesob Sevimçok , listened to the problems of SOBACI Bazaar Tradesmen
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Antalya Tradesmen and Artisans Association ( AESOB ) President Abdullah Sevimçok said foundations that region by the Directorate met with the desired SOBACI Bazaar shopkeepers shops discharge by giving the decision to evacuate and do their utmost to solve the problem .

Antalya news: Photo History SOBACI Bazaar by visiting listened to the problems of trades Antalya Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union of Chambers ( AESOB ) President Abdullah Sevimçok , the decision taken against this market trades that fading away has some professions trying to keep alive the last example is a pity , he said. Indicating that the state can not even take the house of bread Sevimçok Bazaar shopkeepers said that the decision was unfair eviction shops. Sevimçok , Antalya lovers , anyone who values ​​the Antalya's cultural heritage are urged to own this historic bazaar , said:Photo \"SOBACI Bazaar Antalya perhaps stuck at the end and they live their final moments of fading away from occupations is a very special market . the last representative of the most professional tradesmen around here. I need to live up to this profession. Foundations is an order of discharge issued by the Regional Office is very sad here on behalf of trades trying to practice their profession . \"that
Government's fading away from occupations with regard to serious strides also addressed the Sevimçok \"imposed severe sanctions by the respective governments fading away from occupations . these occupations are the provision of financial resources for those who perform the minimization of the name of the tax and the promotion of some steps were taken. Under these circumstances, Regional Directorate of Foundations of case initially sending eviction to the market trades in a manner contrary to we have all been deeply wounded , including the market trades . Our priority this attitude there, filling empty shops also provide crafts and many more to be doomed to disappear going to be a profession implementation has not exhibited at all pleasant . Tradesmen should not be seen as a commercial commodity. You should already have three remaining five-employed craftsmen and protect , \"he said.

The President Aesob Sevimçok , listened to the problems of SOBACI Bazaar Tradesmen" comments for.


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