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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 18:37

The protocol was in karabük Bayramlaşma

The protocol was in karabük Bayramlaşma
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Karabük Polisevinde to the protocol were made holy .

Karabük news:
Polisevinde held holy ceremony , Deputy Governor Erkan Çapar , Istanbul deputy Osman Kahveci , Ministry of Development Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan, Family and Social Policy Ministry Deputy Minister of Republic Unal, Garrison Commander of the Gendarmerie Senior Colonel Samiti Hammer , Mayor Rafet Taxation , the Republic Attorney General Hakan Arslan , Istanbul University Rector Burhanettin tame , Ovacik Mayor Mustafa Dursun, Non-Governmental Organizations Chairman and members , Mukhtar , political party leaders and citizens attended the meeting.
Polisevinde ceremony speech at the Deputy Governor Erkan Çapar \"A Feast of Sacrifice to the more health , happiness, serenity and peace within is granted happiness are glad . Nowadays, especially neighboring countries, our experienced conflicts and wars, how peaceful and happy environment that we live in our understanding is quite important is exemplary . Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923, which was established this Republic to its citizens in the 21st century of peace, happiness, peace and security situation within the surrendered life . I am sure that in the coming years of peace , happiness, peace and security will continue to increase . All of our nation and Karabuk our citizens feast celebrating , \"he said .
Polisevinde the massive holy ceremony, then Deputy Governor Erkan Albin and his retinue with the Provincial Gendarmerie Command , where he held holy ceremony Mehmetçikl a met . Then Gülec love their home visiting Governor Chairman Erkan Albin and his delegation where tiny chatted with . Gülec Houses of Affection visit then City Police Department new building of the Police Department staff and the holy ceremony after the Karabuk University Training and Research Hospital serves patients in their rooms delegation visited the patients wished speedy recovery and festivals celebrated . Finally, Yucel delegation in visit to Nursing Home nursing home residents drank tea and chatted with .


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