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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:37

The protocol was in-Korkuteli Bayramlaşma

The protocol was in-Korkuteli Bayramlaşma
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Korkuteli due to the Eid al-Adha , which brought together members of Protocol holy ceremony was held.

Antalya news: Municipalities wedding hall program started after the holy district gendarmerie commander, Police Department, State Hospital, what a martyr visit their families and ended
Eid al-Adha because Korkuteli municipal wedding hall held holy to Korkuteli Governor Erol Tanrikulu , the garrison commander, Staff Captain Ufuk Coachman, Mayor Hasan Gökce , District Commander of the Gendarmerie Lieutenant Mutluay Oskay , the police chief Irfan Do not Cry , Mufti Fixed Turgut , apartment managers , political party leaders and civil society organizations representatives .
Governor Erol Tanrikulu , \"A Feast of Sacrifice more , together peace and confidence are celebrating . Society of great importance as we give , unity and solidarity is strengthened , brotherhood, friendship , love and respect the feelings we shared religious and national holidays ; nation's consciousness Armenian foundation and social life, the symbol of the significant days. customs and traditions of our next generations to be transferred to the occasion these special days of joy , enthusiasm , cooperation and solidarity of our lives every day in order to bring more effort should , \"he said .
Mayor Hasan Gökce ,\"Feast of the social union that provides the values ​​are remembered, beauty and goodness intense that , among people of mutual friendship and brotherhood feelings and feelings become stronger , love and respect has developed a very special occasion , \"he said .
municipal wedding hall, bayramlaşma program then Governor Erol Tanrikulu and accompanying with the District Gendarmerie Command troops in the bayramlaştı . Then the Police Department who visited the protocol members of police feast celebrated .
Protocol members Korkuteli State Hospital also visited hospitalized patients individually by visiting get past have issued .
Governor Erol Tanrikulu , the garrison commander Staff Lieutenant Horizons Coachman, District Commander of the Gendarmerie Lieutenant Mutluay Oskay Mayor Hasan Gökce , the police chief Irfan Do not Cry , Mufti Fixed Turgut , Martyrs Parent Iron's mother Hanim and her father , Ali Demir Martyr Lieutenant Sefa Stone's father, Hasan Stone at his home they had .


The protocol was in-Korkuteli Bayramlaşma" comments for.


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