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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:26

The protocol was in Kula Bayramlaşma

The protocol was in Kula Bayramlaşma
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In the district of Manisa Kula Kula protocol holy program was held at the Municipal Cultural Center .

Manisa news:
Kula Governor Hakan Hakyemez Kula Mayor Hüseyin Tosun , Garrison Commander , Captain Erkan Artichoke, Kula district police chief Hakan Nakışyap the public institutions , supervisors and managers, municipal and provincial council members, political parties, district presidents and administrators , non-governmental representatives of organizations and citizens in the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Kula was holy . Kula Mayor Hüseyin Tosun , holiday, wished to bring peace and tranquility . Tosun, \"Feast of brotherhood and solidarity developed , spiritual feelings fullest These special days. Today where these feelings together to share are happy . Feast your congratulates , celebrates , health, bon appetit , within offspring with your child nice holidays I wish,\"he said.
GOVERNOR HAKYEMEZ said goodbye in the Decree of the Governor of Trabzon
Çarşıbaşı assigned to the district office in Kula Governor Hakan Hakyemez Kulala with protocol and said goodbye . Hakyemez , \"here today and holy as well say goodbye to one we live. Kula to leave will be very difficult for me. Today as much as we can our strength to the utmost of our citizens good service to engage in tried . Each of our citizens to solve their problems ailments to remedy tried . Citizens of our beautiful benefits and services What if we have been very happy.'ve done the best we can do I'm guessing . all of you in your future life with your family healthy, happy , peaceful, and I wish you a successful life , \"he said .


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