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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:59

The protocol was in Yalova Bayramlaşma

The protocol was in Yalova Bayramlaşma
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Yalova Protocol Eid al-Adha Saban Temüg therefore the application of Hospitality and Tourism Vocational High School held holy in the hotel met in the program .

Yalova news: Holy after the orphaned children and the elderly were visited were given gifts .
Saban Temüg of Hospitality and Tourism Vocational High School Practice at the hotel in the ceremony , Istanbul Governor Selim Cebiroğl , the AK Party Yalova Lawmakers Basic Coskun, CHP Yalova Lawmakers Muharrem Ince , Istanbul Mayor Wafa Salman, Karamürselbey Education Center and the Garrison Commander Rear Admiral Kızılelma Tezcan , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Osman Aslan , as well as representatives of political parties , representatives of public institutions and many citizens attended. The first members of the protocol of holy visited the nursing home . Kissing the hands of citizens in nursing home residents celebrate the feast of the protocol members wished a happy holiday . Governor of Cebiroğl , received information about the citizens in nursing homes .
Protocol nursing home after members of the Anatolian Development Foundation visited the Houses of Affection Orphanage . Governor of Cebiroğl themselves with flowers and chocolates that meet the children's individual kiss after celebrating the feast gave gifts .
Visit here 10 months Yağız Cebiroğl Governor of minutes I loved taking the baby on her lap . Swarthy baby Cebiroğlu the Governor did not neglect to respond to the same temperature .
Protocol to visit the National Lottery , respectively Rehabilitation Center , Bursa and Yalova Provincial Gendarmerie Command continued with the Police Department .


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