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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:05

The protocol was Selendi'de Bayramlaşma

The protocol was Selendi'de Bayramlaşma
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Eid al-Adha in the district of Manisa Selendi holy ceremony organized on the occasion and citizens met in the protocol .

Manisa news:
Selendi Municipality Culture held at the holy ceremony Selendi County Garrison Commander Lieutenant Mustafa Al, Selendi Mayor Nurullah War, apartment managers , the AK Party Selendi District Chairman Muharrem Sezer and management, MHP Selendi District Chairman Hasan Ahmed and management, large unity Party District President Suleyman Kanyılmaz municipal former president Seyhan slice of Muharram Rock , NGO heads, city council members joined the citizens .
Speaking at the ceremony Selendi County Mayor Nurullah War, \"our society is very special and significant place with our nation's moral values ​​and date the vast depths of the holidays, all kinds of beauty and happiness is experienced, spouse, friend, relative , patients , elders visited his love , respect, tolerance and brotherhood feelings intensified , exceptional days means . flags, resentment and bitterness and to forget , should increase our unity and solidarity to the future, we must protect our faith in all circumstances , \"he said . After the war , who spoke with the heads of political parties, heads of the room was the emphasis on unity and togetherness . Then collectively Selendi District Gendarmerie Command passed to holy ceremony speech at the Lieutenant Mustafa Akpinar, \"family away from that our troops do not leave you all for thank you. We are always our mission are at the beginning of our county relaxed a feast to spend the necessary measures for our've received . Y'all feast celebrating ,\"he said. Sweet treats to participants after the ceremony has ended .


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