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  • 01 Ekim 2013, Salı 10:04

The rights and wrongs of using Facebook?

The rights and wrongs of using Facebook?
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Facebook Warning: facebook just " being on Facebook" Do not come to ...

Turkey Market Manager Euphrates Dirik

Facebook "test of Turkey's Facebook"of said. Sticky Thread to facebook access from Turkey was 33 million every month about the Dirik Facebook users in the country"active, sophisticated and fun as" describes. used to reach a wide audience Facebook said the Euphrates Dirik,"the fact that the errors are similar to other ülkelerdekilerle. facebook just"being on Facebook"Do not come to. Facebook should think of how to do it on firms identifying business objectives."he said ...

Facebook user and usage figures tell us about Turkey?

the most detailed figures of Turkey recently for the first time share. According to these figures, 33 million users each month, providing access to facebook. Facebook at least once a day, the number of people more than 19 million active user. Turkey is also the number of people with access to the data described molybdenum facebook share. Facebook mobile channels in Turkey, the number of users accessing at least once a month, 20 million, while the figure of 9.5 million daily active users on the watching. These high figures are the increasing number of people using smart phone, but at the same time, Facebook is positioning itself to work even in the most simple mobile devices, applications and solutions development is compatible with every mobile device, ...

companies or users are using Facebook to what's going wrong lines?

the Turkish companies become more and more uses of Facebook becoming experienced. Garanti Bank, the largest financial companies, such as e-commerce companies such as Trendyol so that many companies are seeing great results. At the same time, many small and medium-sized companies as large as the Sticky Thread communities to access Facebook using previously out of reach.

Turkey encouraging firms to be open to new ideas ... a new brand identity oluişturuyor or may have been selling online. Facebook can easily adapt to meet the needs of your business, you can personalize it contains features. Using these features to optimize our customers say marketing methods. So you can receive the best value for expenditure.

the mistakes, in fact, is similar to other ülkelerdekilerle. Sticky Thread to facebook just"being on Facebook"Do not come to. Companies should consider the business objectives of determining of how to do this on Facebook. If you want your brand name to be known, that followers can create a Facebook page. Downloading an application developed by the people you want to install the App targeting mobile devices (application download) concentrate on the advertisement. People on the opportunities offered by Facebook to say that the idea of ​​more and more with each passing.

Travel Park events Facebook Have you made a study on the contribution of traffic?

during the protests of many users, but Facebook did not do a detailed research, developments have seen that in order to share with friends. However, all kinds of people from all walks of Facebook ideas discussed during protests constituted seen environments.

trip to the social media and so on. Considering the impact of the spread of this kind of social events such as these situations are coming up against more than governments platforms. How do you cope with these situations?

Facebook before people use it to keep doing what they're doing it. So:do you communicate with friends and family. With 33 million Facebook users in Turkey, as there is a fairly large. This is also a reflection of the views of the people in real life shows that there our platform. We see people from all walks of protests, arguing online. Unless there is an element of a crime do not think this kind of mind debate.

Governments do not like social media, social movement, especially if countries. Facebook governments is how to handle relationships?

is not correct to say that governments do not like social media. Governments, companies or organizations to be in contact with people who are accustomed to much more, this is actually something they always do. Today, politicians all over the world are using Facebook to communicate with citizens see. Thus, many aspects of the debate is a richer and more direct. We are governments and politicians, through a personal account or Facebook page encourage you to create an entity.

future imagined that what was originally installed Facebook ?

Facebook No 10 or 20-year plan. Our mission is to make the world more open and unified, and to give people the power to share. Move forward on behalf of this mission are doing different things, promote the use of the Internet as much as possible on behalf of the world 's an example of this establishment.

Turkey Facebook users, three words would you describe?

active, sophisticated, fun.

The rights and wrongs of using Facebook?" comments for.


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