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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:24

The second workshop was held in University-Community Collaboration

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Mersin University ( MEU ) completed in 2013 by the University-City Cooperation Action Plan project, a workshop was made.

Mersin news: University town with a dynamic workshop that brings together the results of the project were discussed and action plans with the output of working groups were discussed.
Professor Dr. Uğur Oral Cultural Center of the workshop held at the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Gürol Emekdaş as well as advisor to the rector Prof. Dr. Çömelekoğl ideals and Prof. Dr. Bronze Spring from public institutions, civil society organizations and representatives of professional organizations and companies and faculty members participated in the project . Speaking at the workshop , Prof. Dr. Emekdaş , completed in 2013, the University-City Cooperation Action Plan projects mentioned by the city of Mersin University, and in collaboration with its stakeholders and to contribute to the city , he said. Universities educational activities , as well as the society in services in the field of responsibilities that expressed Emekdaş , their academic evaluation of the results of the university's community service applications at the desired level if they are identified , and then in this direction initiatives noted. \"Mersin have to develop academic approach behalf to bring dynamism ,\"he Emekdaş , particularly within the context of community services'Children's University'to be carried out has mentioned some of the projects and academic studies . Soon to be implemented , the Regional Monitoring and Research Center, Barriers Culture and Art Centre's activities also mentioned Emekdaş , they do all these studies of Mersin University , some platforms models is shown as underlined .
Between institutions collaborations most of the time of follow-up made indicating that the Emekdaş , organized this workshop to urban dynamics created with the cooperation follow-up to do and the next process , what more can be done aim to discuss , noting that \"Mersin University family with relatives you our friends , present at the workshop and to our university and our city as well as around us, other institutions and organizations examples of ideas that might I think that arise . thank you very much for your participation , \"he said .
Project Technical Coordinator Prof. Dr. Bronze spring from the University-City Cooperation Action Plan gave information about the project and the project's aim was mentioned . The project's overall objective \"of Mersin University , Mersin where the province and the region's measurable effects , density, institutionalization and sustainability reveals the city with the components of the possibilities of cooperation by analyzing the region's innovative and entrepreneurial capacity development contributes to referred to as\"the Bronze Age from March 2013 the University-City Cooperation action Plan Workshop and action plans made ​​a detailed presentation about the process . Bronze , 8 As a result of the action plan prepared by the project , he said.
After the speeches, participated in the workshop of the labor market , public institutions , professional organizations and civil society organizations , where the group was created. During the workshop some of the working group tabled action plans were presented to discuss what can be done . At the end of the workshop, representatives of the general evaluation of the group took the floor at the meeting , action plans shared with the other participants on their evaluation .

The second workshop was held in University-Community Collaboration" comments for.


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