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  • 08 Şubat 2013, Cuma 09:46

The Secret of Getting a Hair salon results at home

The Secret of Getting a Hair salon results at home
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An expert hair stylist, shampoo and a hair salon results at home and get the secret explains the intricacies of using the cream.

hairdressing for over 30 years, who knows how many times in my life karşılaşmışımdır the following question:"though I use the same products at home as beautiful as my hair salon myself, why do not we make?"Good question. The answer is not what you use, how to EM use the stored procedures.

First, shampoo your hair before using the Solve scan nodes. Water comes in contact, can move and that the hair is scanned more nodes may result in weakening of the hair is broken. Pay particular attention to the bottom of your hair, women often do not realize the nodes in this region.

Apply shampoo gently from the roots to ends, starting

. To prevent tangling, try to wash your hair in the direction of the water flow. Peeling scalp may be good, but can also cause hair bottoms into each other. You just shampoo bottoms, flowing downwards.

After rinsing, apply conditioner to extremes. (Yes, this shampoo is applied to the opposite. Because so many people growing new roots, but need to drive worn-out hair ends cream.) Most importantly, hair conditioner and comb with the help of a wide range of end-to-follow, starting from bottom to top. If the last thing you will rinse rinse your hair in the opposite direction to get the flow of water. After showering, dry your hair with a towel gently and carefully scan the ends upward. Now your hair, completely clean and shape the fit!

About the Author:Stuart Gavert

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