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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:02

The Secret to Long-Lasting Family Business of Being Recounted

The Secret to Long-Lasting Family Business of Being Recounted
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Istanbul Stock Exchange Inc.

Bursa news: Istanbul Stock Exchange Inc. Chairman Dr. M. Ibrahim Turan, Europe's fastest-growing market in Turkey, which drew attention to the shortness of life for the family business.
Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) organized by the"Corporate Governance Seminar"was held the Bursa feet. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the panel, brought together representatives of the family business. Prepared in collaboration with the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey stratejico the"Bursa Corporate Governance Perception Survey", TKYD Chairman Mehmet immigrants, Istanbul Stock Exchange Chairman Dr. M. Ibrahim Turhan, Chairman of the Board of Investment Securities İlhami was evaluated in a panel of Aries.
DR. M. Ibrahim Turhan,"We corporate governance are important. Because businesses human life can overcome need. Anatolia is a common phrase there; 'first generation company builds, the second generation company enlarges case. Third generation do not say. England and in Vienna wandering around the streets,' foo and children company, organization 1680 'writings we can see. As for Turkey, more than 100 years many company because you have to count our request, the second when our hands we do not need. these cases of corporate governance, how much is needed is a condition that the indicator. We are the world's 16th largest economy in the next ten years at least its first 10 aims to become an economy as small-scale business are satisfied with can. Now we ourselves do not leave. anymore Turkey's what everyone did. of Europe's fastest growing market presence as a resume can , Turkey itself do not leave. Ours had the struggle for a part of our corporate governance within us digest able and from him we force our companies to publicly make should be able to,"he said.
TKYD Chairman Mehmet immigrants, if established in 2003 tkyd'n the family companies try to embrace the concept of corporate governance is told. Immigrants,"Our project is the cornerstone of corporate governance principles of the Turkish economy, which is the product of an effort to zoom in to the family business,"he said.
country in the development of great significance of corporate governance aims at promoting stating Immigrants,"in the international arena to be competitive, families posed by value transfer to future generations and to the national economy contributing with responsibility for family businesses have to generate. business world, 95 per cent of family companies forms. Turkey's business world account for 95 percent of family businesses strengthen the foundations and international standards of management and control structures have to ensure that we have. Families companies a sustainable successful business extend the life of the institutionalized, but may be possible. corporate governance transparency, fairness, responsibility and accountability in the light refresh themselves capable companies in the global markets is a key competitive forces may have,"he said.
World Bank Group's private sector for the establishment of IFC's Director for Turkey, Carsten Mueller, the internationally as an investor IFC and investment, as well as consulting services worldwide with corporate management and support the sustainable growth of the private sector, he said. Mueller conversation continued as follows:
"Corporate governance, not only to financial resources in order to access does not apply and the internalization of the corporate culture become part when companies perform better makes. An investor, IFC invested his team terms of corporate governance, evaluates and companies together with working in this area to support the development happen."
Mueller, IFC's headquarters outside of Washington the largest office in Istanbul takes place and here in 50 countries served, he said.
DR. Artunç to the panel chaired by Kocabalkan, TKYD Chairman Mehmet immigrants, Istanbul Stock Exchange Chairman Dr. M. İbrahim Turhan Business and Chairman of the Board of Investment Securities participated as a panelist İlhami coach. In the panel, covering the whole of Turkey by TKYD and individual interviews conducted with the"Corporate Governance Perception Survey"project, with the information obtained from Bursa feet"Corporate Governance"as the subject based in Bursa was opened to discussion. The main shareholders of Bursa and families with one to one meetings with companies based on the report generated, professional managers in the implementation of corporate governance principles are the most important point. Good examples of these beliefs to move his family while motivating professionals can lead to the loss of the distance. Another striking result is obtained from reports in Bursa, which is the main shareholder of the company focused on investments in the family and their lives in a modest line in the direction they choose to pursue. Family of reputation and brand value forecast for creating. Usually remains second in economic value. On the other hand, the family of the relationship to the management to bend the belief that the height of the corporate management internalization process would speed as an indicator of attention.
TKYD panels, Izmir, Kayseri and Bursa after 16 April 2014 Gaziantep on June 4, December 2014 in Ankara 'to be done.

The Secret to Long-Lasting Family Business of Being Recounted" comments for.


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