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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 08:33

The special gift of the groom's wedding behindhand

The special gift of the groom's wedding behindhand
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Union unbeatable behindhand for their wedding, the groom surprised!

Union Internal Security Operation of terrorist operations are carried out in a while assigning the role of Sergeant in Hakkari, Nebi Eraslan , Osmaniye received permission for the wedding to do. Road safety, however, failed because of the unity of Sergeant Nabi Eraslan. While the district Sumbas damatsız Osmaniye wedding, the bride Saplings Eraslan, and a few days after the wedding, the groom reaches Osmaniye Nebi Eraslan,"Homeland get it right, the rest does not matter,"he said.

A week Osmaniye before the wedding with his wife during the preparation of seedlings laying hold a Master Sergeant from the homes in the district of Kayseri's Talas Nebi Eraslan, commanders faced surprise. Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Ozel, on the orders and the 2nd Air Supply and Maintenance Center in Kayseri Garrison Commander Major General Ali and his wife, Khadija Demiral Demiral, seedlings and Nebi Eraslan Talas'daki pair visited in their homes. Major General Demiral, Eraslan pair, there is wish of the General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces Başkanı'nın'Nerede yapalım'teklifini conveyed a second wedding as a gift and they put a Republican gold. Thanked the commanders of the second pair of Eraslan not want a wedding.

Master Sergeant Nabi Eraslan, second wedding gerekçisini do not prefer the"home service for me and my family is more important and more sacred than the wedding. Yetişemediğim wedding due to my road safety in the future which we will honor our children have a wedding,"he explained.

Master Sergeant Nabi Eraslan, take a short honeymoon in Hakkari, then re-joined operation with internal For security cooperation and the fight against terrorism will continue where it left off.


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