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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 17:00

The students talked about the problem of housing

The students talked about the problem of housing
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Rector of the University of Bayburt. Dr. Selcuk Coskun, to solve the housing problems of students met the headmen and home owners.

After the meal, held in the cafeteria of the university center

village headmen and landlords Coates rector and faculty members come together, to find solutions to the problems facing students in consultation with housing and family housing. Rector Coates, settled in the new semester, the university will reach 6 thousand to 300 thousand with the person who said the number of students, future students would find it difficult to find the home due to shortage of residential landlords and headmen expressed and students to assist in this regard, particularly in rents has asked convenience.

New continuing the ongoing construction of dormitories on campus, but it reached a sufficient capacity, so the students needed help landlords for ending the housing shortage Rector noted Coskun, collaborative ve'Baharda wanted to support students hope the new campus will be operational. Vocational High School are working, CHE will. The construction of the new campus, the country has Demirözü path, but the upcoming 1300 student dormitories with capacity of 6 thousand is not enough for the number of students who will be released. Therefore, in this case, a significant number of students and housing, will have trouble finding housing. We want to help our students for ending the sorrow of you. Together, our children, the primary task is to get involved with evlatlarımıza. Where they operate, taking sıkıtı comfortable and want to ensure that studying for a degree. God willing, we will succeed together. I always support you guys have seen so far, look forward to your support thereafter. We thank you for your understanding and your interest ediyorum'dedi.

Village headmen, 'We always yanındayız'diyerek university and the students, as always, will continue to be helpful in this regard, while the students stated they would provide the ease, the journalists, the astronomical sizes Apartment owners objected to the reduction of demand on the home rents and rents are extremely reasonable amounts, claiming that the students would not refrain from housing and housing facilities to offer. Home owners also said they think the problem solution passes through the municipality, the municipality has emphasized the need for convenience of the license.

President Selçuk Coates, village headmen interests, thank you for your understanding and sensitivities, while the university guest house owners who congratulated the President whether success Coskun wished.

Vice Rector Prof. meeting. Dr. Akbulut and Professor Sezgin. Dr. Necmettin dusty, Deputy Secretary General of the Aras Unsal, Hasan Hüseyin Kara Director of the School of Health Professions, faculty and members of the press attended.

The students talked about the problem of housing" comments for.


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