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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 21:10

The Supreme Court has not forgiven blackmail gang

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Izmirli establishing trap blackmail sex with businessman m.ö.'y 100 thousand to 3 people who want a woman Supreme Court upheld the local court's sentence .

İzmir news: BC businessman, his long-time secretary save the images taken in the bedroom with hidden AS , two male friends gave these images . Businessman looking for U.K. with TE, 100 thousand in exchange for sex tape in hand asked . Police went to the businessman , he has caught a gang who blackmailed with a sex tape . Indicted on charges of blackmail , UK 5 years, 8 months , secretary A. S. by T. A. was sentenced to one year . Criminal defendants find discounts too was admitted to the Supreme Court . 10th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court examined the file , confirming the decision of the local court of blackmail gang did not. BC businessman finds less punishment given to the accused , \"the secretary set me up with my other suspects emptied the safe . Numerous checks and promissory notes missing. Got behind this organization, \"he said.
BC Izmir contractors from the business world AS allegedly having an affair with a secretary , along with two male friends diabolical plan. AS secretary who put a hidden camera in the bedroom , along with businessman noted that the images . Then save the images to blackmail the UK for boyfriend gave the t.a.'y . Businessman seeking m.ö.'y U.K. with TA, \"We have sex images . If you do not give us 100 thousand will post these images on the internet saying,\"They blackmailed . BC businessman after blackmail phone , went to the police and asked for help . Police businessman engaged in racketeering , U.K. , T. A.complicit with the secretary of the ED detained .
be sent to the court and released pending trial secretary AS, UK and T. A. about the lawsuit. Businessman on trial for a year on charges of blackmail , UK , 5 years and 8 months , the secretary AS by T. A. If was sentenced to one year . Described at the end of 2013, so finding criminal suspects admitted to the Supreme Court to reduce the sentence . 10th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of file viewing , hidden images shot from a businessman who wanted 100 thousand suspects uk'y given 5 years and 8 months , the secretary as'il tau has given him a one-year prison sentence . The punishment less finds businessman BC , \"My my safe robbed . Inside numerous certificates and checks was found. These people behind the organization are . These allegations were not investigated . Moreover penalties imposed little by saying\"the response said.

The Supreme Court has not forgiven blackmail gang" comments for.


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