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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 08:56

The Tab:\"Urban Texture And I'll Protect Cultural Heritage\"

The Tab:\
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Erzurum Mayor Mehmet Tab , Association of Historic Towns held at the host institution in his speech in the Eastern Anatolia Region Meeting , cityscapes in urban regeneration project which will be held in the city and said he would protect the cultural heritage.

Erzurum news: Erzurum Mayor Mehmet Tab , Association of Historic Towns held at the host institution in his speech in the Eastern Anatolia Region Meeting , cityscapes in urban regeneration project which will be held in the city and said he would protect the cultural heritage. Photo Xanadu Snow White Interior Minister Efkar hotel meeting held in Al , Erzurum Governor Dr. Ahmet Altiparmak, AK Party deputies Erzurum Climber Scream Virtue , Dr. Genghis Yavilioğlu and Adnan Yilmaz, Erzurum Mayor Mehmet Tab , AK Party President Fatih Yesilyurt Erzurum Province , provincial governors and mayors of Historical Cities Association Advisory Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Metin Sozen , Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and History President of the Union of Towns Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz , Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ali Reza tiler , the Deputy Secretary-General attended Selami other officials with sharp and Unsal Coldplay . President Mehmet Tab In his opening speech, he stressed the importance of Historical Cities Union. The tab, said:\"In our country, cultural heritage awareness and history found in the exemplary service for the protection of the values ​​of Historic Towns Association, the history of last 14 years with meetings and events held across the country told us what it is so important . In order theories and practices of the preservation of the urban texture and cultural heritage, a Meanwhile conducting state for the protection of historical sources with the contribution of this great community and the civil initiative, a joint success story we all witnessed together . Aydin , intellectual and fabulous ideas and insights of the academic spirit , we are on the executives of local administration was always a source of inspiration . developing , changing and growing Turkey has historical environmental protection and maintaining effort between the basic doctrines of our mission in . \"Photo Erzurum KUDEB ESTABLISHED Photo President Tab , in the Metropolitan he noted that the establishment of KUDEB unit . The tab, it continued as follows:\"In our city historic resources, and identity protection point we have a fast acceleration times in our work the last 6 months . We have established a short name for the Conservation Implementation and Control Branch of the KUDEB in this work . We enjoy the city inventory . By building stone and wood workshops we went to where we will make restoration work our way to benefit from our own resources. meticulously executed Culture path in order to face the day of the city, the history of our project , civilizations will reveal the rest of the cultural heritage behind our concrete and stones city hosting is among the most important projects. continue following the expropriation and demolition work the reserved date centuries between stone walls with the passage to which the project's life then you will find the body in all its glory . Erzurum through this project carried out in 3 stages , Erzurum who witnessed the date when viewed from that Growth Centres and Republican Street Castle and the environment will be integrated with aesthetic city in all its glory. \"< br/> \" MAN OF SCIENCE SÖZEN IR GUIDE AS I SAW \"Photo Tab , that have important historical monuments must preserve and protect Erzurum was noticed. The tab, said:\"Erzurum we have important work to be a viable and protect our city as ancient . We had a hand history , while preserving the new developments in our Avoid modern and lawful continued importance we see . Legal new urbanization in the last 10 years in Turkey important steps have been taken. we stop as soon as the task our city negative and illegal construction . our great lately state that it is important vertical not horizontal structuring is constantly expressed . our Ministers because they contribute to the flourish of the city, I would like to thank our Governor and council members . I work in my Historical Cities Union sample I received, Historic Cities Association Advisory Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Metin Sozen saw as a guide at all times. \"Photo \"ERZURUM ; is HISTORY OF tHE INTERSECTION \"Photo Historic Cities Association Advisory Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. The text also noted that a change is in motion Photo of Dadaş land . Professor Dr. The question , said:Photo \"in Erzurum movement of change ... Historical our values ​​on each scale, for human beings, children of tomorrow identity , we need to guard to see that in an environment . A nation becomes the prisoner of other nations can not protect its own existence . The samples grown with the right unless this is not possible to talk about by tomorrow continuity is embedded in a system. continuity word is essential for local governments . Erzurum , are all intersecting paths of history in Eastern Anatolia . Silk Road , the trade route north to south , east to west, from Asia to Europe connecting an intersection point is . began thing to do . Workshops were established , work began . Stone and Creating the infrastructure of a restoration will run the entire craft connoisseur .'ll never not skimp on Turkey's eye in Erzurum . \"Photo \"ERZURUM, TORCH CITY ... \"Photo History of President of the Union of Towns and the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz , emphasized the city's historical significance . President Yilmaz, \"Erzurum is a city torch, Sivas is a torch city. Salvation is made ​​in this city of all strategic preparations for the fight is enough to be a city of ancient Erzurum. Urartu, Byzantine, Seljuk and memories just like a pearl in each of the Ottoman civilization in this city that we do not pay our debt if we make the service what counted so far , \"he said . Erzurum Governor Dr. Ahmet Altiparmak also has underlined the city's architecture . Governor Altiparmak, \"We must stand on the city's architecture very much . In the newly formed city we have to pave the way for urban renewal opportunities , knowing especially air corridor. Our new urban environmentalism need to improve . It does not have a sword that conquers a sword but can not no one that conquered a civilization ,\"he said . AK Party deputy of Erzurum Climber Scream Virtue in Culture Road Project has reported that it is important for the city. Parliamentary scream, \"We're thinking about how our city planning Culture Road Project can continually implemented . In the capital, how can we make the center of attraction of our city , we are standing on it. Culture Road Project , the ancient of Dadaş is an important project that will benefit cultural face of the day ,\"he said .
\" hISTORY OF lANGUAGE nATION understands HEARTS \"Photo Interior Minister Al Efkar also understands the language of the Anatolian people stressed that the glorious history of the nation's sons . Minister Al said, \"There are some cities that you mention people from that region without mentioning him . That you can not tell the history of the region. There are some cities that , in the street , wandering the streets , historical monuments, it cornerstones , it embroideries, that processing will talk with you. You tell anecdotes from the dates . We understand the language of his works and the date of adoption are a nation that built it , \"he said . \"Turkey, from east to west , from the north there has been south of history again the difference was proud of. The disregarded even in our years of school , from time to time boosted , the concealed, was met by the splendor of the historic occasionally maligned ,\"said Ala, made ​​the following assessment:\"You can build a city afterwards. 2 2 you need a thousand years to build a millennial town. 500 years a plane , the air has what it takes from the soil , if it has received neither water'them all to get in than let'can not say . us something does not belong , historical value belonging to all humanity by revealing all our know-how we have to protect them . History has seen many battles and was described to have consisted of war history as described to us . I wish our school , invaluable as a gift to humanity of our civilization values ​​were Expressed . we are late and late , but I'm now's not be . anlatalim, teach and find out. all the public in recent years we see a large MPs welcomed our volunteers and our teachers manage the bureaucracy of our mayor , started another war . He historic rescue war ... Therefore I am hopeful , I hope my very melancholy. Thank God all our work we realized that without bulldozed . Maazallah could be late on this issue as on many issues and would not compensate never in it. \"The President Tab After the speeches , the Minister Ala and other officials had presented various gifts. Eastern Anatolia Regional Meeting , presentation, evaluation , and ended up with a city trip. < Br/>

The Tab:\"Urban Texture And I'll Protect Cultural Heritage\"" comments for.


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