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  • 11 Eylül 2013, Çarşamba 10:15

The three companies joined forces against the United States

The three companies joined forces against the United States
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Yahoo, Facebook and Google, requests for information from the U.S. government reacted to them

Yahoo , Facebook and Google , USA government requests for information from them in order to achieve the right to disclose more information about the Office of U.S. Foreign Intelligence Service (FISA) filed a petition . NSA scandal and accusations of eyes turned on them to defend themselves exposed to the Internet giants want to publish a more comprehensive transparency reports.

"solidity damaging"

national security demands more transparency reports, including the number and types who want to and thus wanting to inform the public Yahoo, Facebook and Google took the first big step for it. Office of U.S. Foreign Intelligence presented with a petition on the subject undermines the reliability of the internet giants have expressed to store this information.

Google, the current report is published within the framework of the law Google does not reflect the true face of the demands, and the U.S. government put restrictions on freedom of speech , the statement said.

Yahoo in the same way the U.S. government to fulfill its responsibility to protect the safety of the community and in doing so felt he had to leave the description as well as the demands of technology companies.

Facebook criticism of these two companies participating in the Internet users the right to know everything in detail than the naked, and for this reason has voiced urging the U.S. government to assume a more conciliatory attitude.


Yahoo, Facebook and Google 's apply to the court on the same subject at the same time reveals the pressure on the U.S. administration technology giants. Said the NSA scandal allegedly leaking information to the government and three major internet giants more transparent by publishing the reports they want to regain the trust of its users understood. To wonder if the U.S. government's response.


The three companies joined forces against the United States" comments for.


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