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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 11:29

The Times:\"The Kurds have a new building consensus for Establishing a State \"

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The Times newspaper in the UK published today, in a news Kurds in Syria agreed to establish a new state in the region said that they provide .

Londra news:
The Times correspondent Tom Colgh and Alexander Christie-Miller, signed in the news, Kurdish leaders met in Syria in Syria opinion on the establishment of a new Kurdish state they reported. News of the talks which lasted for 9 days as a result of Jazeery , Ephraim , and the canton of Kopani \"Rojov a \"semi-autonomous Kurdish region under the name claimed they were expressed. News of a PLA representative , the talks will be held after the referendum for regional parliaments and defense troops training on how he was included . In the same statement the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government President Barzani , this situation wary reported.
The Times, news PLA spokesman Idris Nassau's , \"a sufficient number of soldiers there . Our heavy weapons we need ,\"Congar , while PLA leaders Syrian Kurdish peshmerga of the supplements they want , rather than emphasized.
the Times, news and Isidor both the Assad regime finally fighting for conservative Islamic Army spokesman Abdurrahman Saleh was quoted as saying . Saleh in a statement , \"They are moving hand in hand with Assad , Assad militants they love ,\"he said . Saleh also said, \"The Kurds had not been part of the revolution . They want to establish a Kurdish state ,\"he said .

The Times:\"The Kurds have a new building consensus for Establishing a State \"" comments for.


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