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  • 26 Nisan 2013, Cuma 10:03

The transition from spring to summer hairstyles that can be learned from the red carpet!

The transition from spring to summer hairstyles that can be learned from the red carpet!
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You can also use red carpet hairstyle. Everyday life, or you can use a hair model some suggestions for your appointment.

red carpet looks like in real life does not belong to the land of a fairy tale? Have nothing to say but great hair healthy looking natural beauty of stardom without the not unlikely to be so perfect. Also the stars to cross hairstyles inaccessible, but rather that you can use in everyday life, even models. Here are examples of the red carpet during the spring to summer that we started a few suggestions that can use our models.


Release the ends of your hair by large waves

this year's Oscar red carpet was Jessica Chastain known passage of the rest of the mind. Silky straight hair flowing down his shoulders waving at the ends. Fond forked ends of the resulting wave and straight ends to give more moving obstacles as well as creates a model. This is a model very difficult to hairdresser or even at home. Which is difficult to have silky and shiny hair. So firstly the quality of your hair, giving it increase and maintain the necessary moisture that is what they need.


Messy buns!

that dominated the red carpet this year, there were two models:recommend hair and messy buns. Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman attended the knob seemingly haphazardly collected. Likewise, the knob Jennifer Lawrence looked very simple and elegant. Scattered from the bottom as well as the elegance of simplicity is both public knobs. You can use this knob on the model of jeans are very comfortable, fashionable dress, use the. As if they were collected at the image as you gently gathered gösteriyorken simple, face falling towards the top of the hair also makes a very attractive image.


Flowing straight hair seems to be very simple enough does not it? Flat-funded, such as Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Hudson attend the premiere hair may seem like the easiest solution, in fact, the most difficult on straight hair. This model, rather than the ability to hairdressing hair healthy and shiny hair you want to use it, first of all rely on your hair. So we use in everyday life, broken and forked ends of the hair, dull hair to prevent frizz image and require regular maintenance every day. Brightness, and do not forget to reinforce the hair with moisture mask to prevent frizz.

4 short cuts
This ambitious hairstyle is difficult to carry in daily life. Not just hair care,
Want to skin care and makeup. Such as Halle Berry or Charlize Theron
caught short hair style, and also the colors of the stars from
completed the appropriate make-up clothes. Short hair comfort
easy to catch, but want to take care of elegance. You taking care of this in everyday life
If you are ready to deal with your hair by providing short-cuts on the upcoming summer
For a selection of scrumptious.

About the author:Original Yazır freelance writer and translator. Affair , comma, super! , Hand in hand, EM and Marie Claire Turkey has written articles in magazines like Yacht Turkey.

The transition from spring to summer hairstyles that can be learned from the red carpet!" comments for.


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