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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:53

The virtuous SSI Information Meeting

The virtuous SSI Information Meeting
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District of Mersin virtuous financial advisers and representatives of the public rooms \"Bag Law \"was informed about the law known as No. 6552 .

Mersin news: Photo virtuous Chamber of Agriculture meeting Social Security Mersin Provincial Director as a speaker held briefing room Mehmet Gülpak attended. As in many areas with Photo 6552 numbered Law , working life and especially Gülpak indicating a very important amendments in the field of Social Security \"When we look at the regulations on the task area , always having a dynamic structure that heed not insensitive to the voice of the public Social Security Agency and to implement the necessary arrangements will be seen that worked ,\"he said . made ​​in the field of Social Security
6552 Law No. regulations also touches on Gülpak , \"International arrangements have been made on the debt. Agreement on starting work in the contracting countries with special provisions date , has been accepted as the date to start work in our country. retirement ages of employees in mining workplaces are regulated. However, regulations regarding the actual service life of the employees in the mining workplace is made . One of the most significant changes in the scope of Law No. 6552 is the birth borrowing . Number of children in birth borrowing and scope has been extended. Especially our children wishing to be insured is also an issue closely related to increasing the number of attempts at in vitro fertilization treatment . Another change regulations regarding social security agreement is not signed social security premium base of Turkish workers who moved to the country. Lying to banks and pensions of the waiting period still remaining in the bank were also made related changes. Bycatch by Law No. 6552 on home services closely followed by the public has been realized . 4/b, recording and registration of certain regulations relating to the insured has been made , \"he said .
\"Payment overdue insurance premiums, restructuring and GSS primary right to administrative fines were introduced . Was perhaps most expect these issues to the public . Our hope and our wish to use the configuration rights of all borrowers , \"said Gülpak , said the information about the benefits of the restructuring of the debt .
Meeting virtuous Chamber of Agriculture President Adnan Dölek , SSI virtuous Center Director Ali Koc, chamber representatives and financial advisors in the district participated.


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