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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:44

The Way of branding and Growth Overtakes the Digital Market

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Saying that the way to pass the growth of branding and digital marketing vizyonmedy Agency president Mr Sword, \"There are many opportunities for large and small companies in the digital world .

İstanbul news: Digital platforms can be achieved fantastic results with economic budget. \"Said
branding and works now in digital marketing the way to growth, online media planning, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, mobile marketing , video network (banner video ) advertising, remarketing and serving in digital marketing consultancy, vizyonmedy Agency Chairman Nihat Kilic, Turkey, in 2013, 1,169 Billion internet said that advertising investment is made. Sword, stressing that it is 587 million TL in search engine marketing to leave \"these figures show the importance of the domestic and overseas markets given digital marketing firms that want to expand their business , \"he said .
Sword,\"market conditions are very challenging and there are too many competitors. Difficult but not impossible to highlight your company in these circumstances . Before receiving the product or service , 80 percent of consumers doing research on the internet . You can reach the full digital marketing budget by separating the audience interested in the products and services you purchase. Moreover, you only pay for potential customers who visit your website , \"he said . Photo Nihat Kilic, search ads on Google display ads on the internet, that it will be fast and economical results with mobile app ads and remarketing ads , \"Digital developments and it customers to adapt very quickly when these processes are closely brands . Succeed in Digital is becoming increasingly important. Mistakes made in Digital adversely affect the reputation of the brand . Brand managers are upset and confuse \"the phrase he used . Photo Nihat Kilic, \"using all effective methods to help as we have a very firm vizyonmedy . Only suppliers with a digital advertising company business development and strategic solutions we're not producing partner . us to reach everyone , \"he said

The Way of branding and Growth Overtakes the Digital Market" comments for.


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