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  • 20 Ocak 2014, Pazartesi 10:58

The Women's Museum Opens in Izmir, Turkey's first

The Women's Museum Opens in Izmir, Turkey's first
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5 of chain of boutique museum Konak Municipality ring the Women's Museum January 23 at 13.00 opens.

İzmir news:  5 of chain of boutique museum Konak Municipality ring the Women's Museum January 23 at 13.00 opens. Which introduced the concept of boutique museum of İzmir Konak Mayor Dr. Hakan Tartan; Umran Barada Game and Toy Museum, Izmir Mask Museum, Izmir Joy and Cartoon Museum Museum of Women in Radio and Democracy Museum and then to the tourism and the city gives.
spectacular with an organization will be inaugurated the museum's founding objective the Anatolian women's forgotten past, the power of the whole world, to remind women of Anatolia creativity of the reveal, self-confidence and support of their belonging to the past memories revived a private creating a space.
temporary exhibition hall, video art, from past to present women in antiquity Anatolian women, pioneer women, collections of artifacts, protest and women, installation room, workshop, archive, store library, museum, including executive rooms and a total of 13 rooms. The museum each room with different concepts were prepared.
Museum visitors at the entrance as the first Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Nebile with Ms. Vienna First Secretary Tahsin Bey in 1929 in Ankara Palas done weddings Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's adopted daughter Nebile Female meet and dance with the photo. Stairs at the exit of the first Afife Jale, the first engraving artist Aliye Berger, the first female political party leader Behice Boran, the first deputy of the Benali Arıman, the first female nurse Asma Sea at the Olympics, competing first female athlete Teoman, the world's first female petroleum engineer Halide Ural Turktan , the world's first female military pilot Sabiha Gökçen, the world's first female members of the judiciary Melahat Ruacan as firsts 50 my woman's name and ranks.
in history, the 'Cyanide Gold A No', 'Saturday Mothers',' Abortion is our right , our body is ours', '8 th World Women's Day as women protest walks, the story with the museum is located.
Muazzez Ilmiye Avalanche Disaster Believe daughter Ari believe, Aysen Gruda, Nurhan Damcıoğlu Gürdal Mumcular, Zuhal Yorgancıoğlu like leaving traces women personal belongings by donating to the museum have contributed.
Anatolian woman's worth to remind you started off
Object-based museology, rather than people-centered museology most important example of one of the women who In the museum aims to create a special place belongs to the women, saying that the Konak Mayor Dr. Hakan Tartan,"This place is targeted at women lived in isolating yourself from society a female male discrimination, not creating women's creativity and productivity to reveal the original works and audiovisual materials by combining with the community to boost ties and forgotten history with a museum is noticed is to make"said. Tartan museum's mission also summed up:
"Izmir Women's Museum's mission:Anatolian women of the forgotten past, the power of the whole world, to remind women of Anatolia creativity of the reveal, self-confidence, support, its history belongs to a special place to create. Because the Hittite, Greece and Rome, the Mother Goddess of the Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and especially Republican women to the Anatolian women, throughout its long history every time its chosen path, walking pioneer woman was. Anatolian Woman What do we know? Mother Goddess, How and Why The Outcomes ? What was the position of women has changed? Medieval Anatolian women how to live it? Liberation War long in fronts fighting our women who were they? Ottoman lady who, and how to live it? Republic's first artist of the first photographers of the first singer's first theater of the names and life do we know? All these questions find answers to the Anatolian woman real value again to remind you set off. Anatolian women, tells the stories, and you also listening to these stories are calling."
Personal memorial has been created for memories of the museums female art museums, national and regional women's history museums in the city's women on the history museum and the feminist women's museum refers to the world on various topics over 70 women's museum is located. These museums mostly through the personal efforts of a few women to remind themselves of the assets to prove that they create are the museums. All one needs the result has emerged. Germany, USA, UK, Italy, China, Austria, Canada, Australia, Iran, Senegal, India, Korea, the Sudan, many developed and developing countries of the world women's museum was needed.
MUSEUM, IZMIR ' IN oldest settlements basmane ' DE
oldest residential district of İzmir Museum of Women in Basmane Quarter 1298 Raiders Road No:12-14 is located at. 486 square meters, building a basement, ground floor, mezzanine and 1 floor consists of. From the main entrance of the building materials such as cast iron, the original wooden shutters. Relief figural decoration on the roof of the building in the middle, but not viable on the bottom floor was rebuilt according to the original. The presence of the original decoration remains on the top floor.

The Women's Museum Opens in Izmir, Turkey's first" comments for.


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