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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:33

The World's Most Intelligent People Michio Kaku from Istanbul'Future'Explained

The World's Most Intelligent People Michio Kaku from Istanbul'Future'Explained
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One of the world's most intelligent people spoke on the second day of the Turkcell Technology Summit adopted the famous physicist Michio Kaku .

İstanbul news: Kaku who share their predictions for the next 20 years , scientific and technological developments as a result of commercial capitalism based on intellectual capital is expressed as of the end of the'perfect capitalism'mainly due to said consumers would gain . Kakuzenginlig science and biotechnology noting that due to the technology of the fourth wave of innovation , said it would be in artificial intelligence and nano-technology. The second day of Turkcell Technology Summit in late moving
Turkey's most comprehensive technology event . Since 2010, the scope and further expanding audience of 12 thousand people in total attended the summit for two days. Assistant to the opening speech on the second day of Turkcell Technology Summit held Yigit Kulabas General Manager Corporate Marketing . After Kulabas scene , one of the world's most intelligent people who accepted the famous physicist Dr. Michio Kaku made ​​a speech . \"We are heading towards a perfect capitalism ,\"said kaku said:\"The speech caused about coming from a physician is required? Because we discovered the transistor , the laser , television , radio , we discovered the radar , X-ray , MRI device , we have made the space program and the GPS system. 20th century discovered physicists continue to explore in the 21st century . Wealth science and come from technology. we see every 80 years that a new innovation wave occurs. was the invention of the first wave of the steam engine , the second wave , electricity and came with the car was the third of advanced technology ; computers, satellites, lasers, telecommunications, and has created a wealth of non-internet sustainable. so what will be the fourth wave ? biotechnology, we can say with artificial intelligence and nano-technology development to single digitization of the entire industry. the price of up computer chip to 10 years will drop to 1 cent , so that the computer and the internet will be everywhere and nowhere. first was the digitalization of the music industry. Today, the media is going digital . Newspapers and magazines are going uyduramay as the sun sets it up . Transportation, medicine, education will be digitalized . Four walls of your living room in the future will be covered with digital display. We watch 3D television without glasses . PC will not be in the office, information is connected to the disposable computer clouds effortlessly and automatically will be transferred from car to office to home office. A lot of pain when you pass in front of your paper wall'will be examined robot doctor. Shopping will also be digitalized and you get to save when shopping on the internet as a 3-dimensional cloud your body measurements will be everything yourself. Production 3D printers will be digitalized . Mass production will not be able to personalize series .
A result of all of them ,'We are heading towards a perfect capitalism. Capitalism, depending on the supply-demand balance determines the price of the goods . In this case, tricked tricked mAdIğInIzI , profit margin , then you will not know whether the product is indeed so . However, with the help of mobile phone technology has all this information , it is also about people's products, you learn that you would find at an affordable price. So the winner will be the consumer of the future. We are heading toward intellectual capitalism commercial capitalism. Winners nations, will be the right grip on intellectual capitalism . In this case the winning innovators , who dreams , science and technology will use it correctly. \"
Michio Kaku WHO ?
67-year-old Japanese-American Michio Kaku , in the garage of high school, family, science fair the power to produce antimatter for the project made ​​a particle accelerator to generate gamma rays. Harvard University physics department and graduated with highest honors in 1968 and then in 1972 the University of California , Berkeley , he completed his doctorate .
City College of New York theoretical physics at the Henry Semat professor of Michio Kaku , superstring theory in the academic life, supergravity , supersymmetry , has published articles on 70 in various subjects including hadronic physics. Kaku , one of the founders of string field theory , as well as Harvard, Princeton and New York University gave physics courses in prestigious educational institutions such as . , published in radio stations on the
world 130 , the world's one of the biggest science programs \"Explorations \"and \"science Fantastic\"became the host of the weekly radio broadcast called . Both television and cinema , he acted several times . Dr. NOVA television experience between Kaku (PBS) and Horizon ( BBC ) , The Colbert Report , The Daily Show , The Secrets of the Universe ( Discovery Channel ) is located. In addition, the Emmy-nominated documentary \"Me \u0026 Isaac Newton \"te starred in . Books in the New York Times currently has three work most entered the bestseller list:\"Physics of the Impossible\", \"Physics of the Future \"and \"The Future of the Mind .\"One of the most recognizable people in the scientific field in
World Michio Kaku , which is considered as an internationally recognized authority in two areas . The first of these areas , Dr. Trying to complete Einstein's unified field theory Qaqun , the second work based on the latest research in the field of science is to predict trends affecting trade and finance fields.

The World's Most Intelligent People Michio Kaku from Istanbul'Future'Explained" comments for.


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