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  • 01 Ekim 2013, Salı 13:53

The world's most poisonous fish in Istanbul

The world's most poisonous fish in Istanbul
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The world's most poisonous animals in the top 5 of the stone fish, Istanbul Aquarium, met with visitors.

King Monocled Cobra, yellow and funnel-web Spider of scorpion fish on the back of the stone which is even more toxic in contact with 13 live poisonous spines, stroke remains. In case you are not intervene in dying.

living in the seas of the world brings thousands of visitors to Istanbul 500 kinds of aquarium creature, a new species began to host more. Such as the most toxic of all known fish species and in the top 5 in the list of the world's most poisonous animals, and image 10 which is identical to the rock stone fish, Istanbul Aquarium, visit the Red Sea, micro tank out.

specialize in providing information about the stonefish Temizkan Nesligül aquarist, fish in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea, he said. Temizkan,"on his back, a very poisonous stonefish 13 in spurs, paralyzing case of contact, not to intervene in the case of causing death. Usually on the ground next to rocks or coral reefs, such as a self kayaymış camouflaged stone fish, sometimes you can wait 48 hours without moving prey. The Endo Pacific region, according to the results of research and report cases of death due to poison stonefish encounters. Turkish force that drives this kind of toxicity was observed."he spoke.

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